Okay, this is fun haha. My sister really like llamas for some reason.. I think it’s because they look funny. And one of the other things we wanted to do in Lamington was to visit their Alpaca farm, but again too far from us. So we found another day tour that included a visit to the Alpaca farm at Lamington. Did we go? Oh yes haha.

We booked it through Australian Day Tours and as usual, picked up, guide and the tour was included. I really love these tours. They are perfect. Anyway, we started with a visit at the Gallery Walk at Tamborine Mountain and that is a 400m long walk with indigenous shops. I really liked it actually. Bought some tea and delicious fudge =)

After the gallery walk we took off to the… Alpaca farm!! Yay, haha! My sister was sooooo happy when we got there. We got a picture together with one of the alpacas and then we got some food for them and fed them. I got bitten, we got spat at haha. Aggressive female alpacas… It was so much fun anyway. We laughed a lot about it. They are really crazy and funny looking.

 IMG_6160 IMG_5575

We ended the tour with lunch at O’Reilly’s, which is located in the rainforest and then a treetop walk. It was raining and very cold so we didn’t enjoy it too much but it was cool to walk so high up of the trees.

 IMG_6178 IMG_6181

That’s not the treetop walk, forgot to take a picture of it. Just entering the rainforest.

So, now you’ve read all about what me and my sister did during her stay here and from now on, until next visit from someone, it will all be about me and my daily life here =) Of course I will do more tours and traveling and I will tell you all about it too. Hope you’re enjoying it so far!

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