Amazing Singapore

Ahh this country! I loved everything about it. It reminded me a lot about Dubai. Super clean, the locals were so friendly and helpful. I loved chatting with them!

I was staying at Park 22 Hotel in Chinatown and it was okay. Very small room with no windows so it did smell a bit musty if the AC wasn’t on. But, I didn’t care much because the most important was that it was clean and it sure was. I only stayed 3 nights and the location was good. Staff was very friendly as well.

My first day I took a stroll around Chinatown which by the way is the cleanest Chinatown I’ve ever seen haha. Wow, so impressed. And no annoying people nagging like in Bali. It was nice having a look there. I bought some cheap iPhone cases but they were so nice hihi. After that I went to the Gardens by the bay and to get there I walked through Marina Bay Sands Shoppes (WOW!!!) and passed the Marina Bay Sands hotel (again, WOW!). The shopping mall was insane. At the ground floor it had a little river with the Venice boats driving people. And I thought Dubai was exaggerating with their malls haha. It was so beautiful and very luxurious (me like..). So when I got to the gardens I met a dutch guy randomly so we ended up spending the whole day together. We had so much fun! 😀 Gardens by the bay was so beautiful. Unfortunately it was raining so some attractions were closed but we went back in the evening to see it all with the lights and it was like being in a fairytale. We watched the light show and Christmas Wonderland. We both felt like kids again with the music and all. Loved it!! After that we went up to the sky bar Spago at Marina Bay Sands. It was so nice! Had a glass of proseco and a nice waffle with ice-cream dessert.

 IMG_7547 IMG_7588 IMG_7644

IMG_7777 IMG_7749 IMG_7736

On my second day I went back to Chinatown to fix my phone (yes I broke it like all my previous iPhones..) and then went to Clarke Quay. Such a pretty place. All the houses were very colourful and by Singapore river. I’m sure it’s a great place in the evening as it’s basically just bars and restaurants there. Of course 2 shopping malls as well 😛 After that I went to Little India which I didn’t like much. Too dirty and smelly so I didn’t stay long at all and then continued to Mustafa Centre which was super crowded and didn’t like that either. On the way back to the station I passed through City Square Mall and got myself 2 pair of shoes, as if I needed any… Got back to the hotel and then went back to the gardens again because I had missed out on one part of it so I wanted to see that. And also the light and water show at MBS but they canceled both of them because of the super heavy rain 😦 Well, I will go back to Singapore at some point so I’ll get to see it 🙂 I got hungry so I went to the restaurant High Society inside MBS and had pasta carbonara, a glass of wine and 2 desserts haha. I had passed the day before and bought the most delicious strawberry, white chocolate cupcake ever so I had to go back there. My two desserts were chocolate lava with vanilla ice-cream and the cupcake, So funny, the girl who served me those brought them on 2 plates because she thought I was with someone and then after a couple of minutes she came back and saw me having everything on one plate. Guess if she laughed, ha!

 IMG_0338 IMG_0361

My flight was late in the evening on my third day so that gave me some time to walk around again, I thought… Ha on me! Had to fix my phone again because they gave me a shitty screen haha. Got some beauty treatments meanwhile and then went to another place to fix it. While they were doing that I went to a café called Curious Palette which was hipster and I loved it. Had a delicious waffle with ice-cream and fruits, yummy! Headed to the airport after that and spent about 3 hours there (my flight was 40mins late) and I bought myself a beautiful Calvin Klein watch 😀 A little Christmas gift from me to me.

So, next destination Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!

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