Australia Zoo

Missed me? =)

Probably not.. Haha

Anyway, hello! As I told you in my last post I booked a short trip of 6 days and it included 3 different destinations, which actually turned into 4.

I started with Australia Zoo 😀 It was huge so I actually spent like 7 hours there!

Got there with Greyhound and departure was early in the morning, 7:45 am. I was tired and wanted to sleep but the driver was in the mood of talking and joking so no sleep at all haha. I was sitting on first row (motion sickness) and so I had to suck it up and be social 😛 It was fun though. I like when the drivers are being social. Some can be really grumpy so I appreciate the talkative ones.


The zoo is very, very beautiful with the rainforest, small lake and just all the greenery. It’s pleasant to just walk around. I loved watching the animals! Geckos of all kinds, crocodiles, giraffes, zebras, tigers… Huh they had it all. I watched two shows as well. One was with birds and crocodiles and the other one with tiger cubs (babys).

 14202595_10157372152580392_7710493389198154002_n 14192172_10157372153700392_4960482079118830101_n

I met a girl at the zoo, one who was also at the Greyhound from Brisbane so we spent almost all day together and it as really great company. We fed the kangaroos (again hihi) and they were so hungry haha. They emptied my bag and didn’t leave me alone but I loved it. I could do it over and over again and would probably never get tired of it. Maybe I should get a job at a zoo haha!

 14233228_10157372153310392_6906941798081236308_n 14264010_10157372154320392_4366523405787889214_n

Guess that’s all about the zoo =) Tataaa

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