Back in Bali

Yup, that’s correct. Didn’t like it much but I still figured it’d be better than Lombok. I checked in yesterday at my very nice hotel Ramada Encore. Love my room hihi and the pool is so nice! I’ll try to take some pictures =)

Didn’t do much yesterday as I arrived in the late afternoon. The boat trip was going to take 1,5 hours from Gili Air to Bali. It took around 2,5-3 hours and so many people got seasick haha. It was crazy! At some points we all thought it would tip over. Scary…

I took a stroll to Seminyak center to have dinner at La Favela, loved it!! The interior was so cool and amazing. Food and dessert were delicious. I’d love to go back but yeah haha. After that I just took a taxi back to the hotel, got my welcome drink and walked around to check out the pool and so. Beautiful!

 15622619_10157887539290392_229332458846057101_n 15492041_10157887540280392_2041159484836297458_n

La Favela and the hotel pool =)

Today I was sunbathing by the pool. So hot and nice. Met a Swedish guy so I spent some time with him and then took the shuttle to Batik restaurant for lunch. Walked around a bit, came back to the hotel and now I’m going to meet some other Swedes at Potato Head Beach Club =)

Talk tomorrow loves!

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