Back in Brissy


I’ve been back home for 6 days now and I love it haha. I’ve had some really nice days with friends. Went to the riverside on my first day, had dinner at Riverbar and then a lovely walk. Catched up with the girls over dinner at Alfred & Constance on my second day, went to Springbrook National Park during the weekend and enjoyed the beautiful nature there. So many waterfalls and amazing lookouts. Loved it!

 15942478_10158005431795392_277410648_n 15943007_10158005431700392_427952176_o 15978237_10158005431805392_785470491_n

I also went to the Gold Coast and Nobby Beach to catch up with a dear friend and had a wonderful day there.


Done some necessary shopping at Indooroopilly Shopping Centre (yes there is something like that haha) and yesterday I went for Lebanese dinner at Byblos. Ah the food was delicious!! So happy to eat food my mum sometimes cooks. Missed it quite a lot but now I know where to go when I need it 😛 Today will probably be a pool day, just relax and read a good book. Don’t have much plans until my dear friends comes visiting from Sweden on Saturday, will be so much fun!!!!


Ciao for now =)

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