Bali day 3

Bali day 3, day tour 1

Today was my first of 3 days of tours here in Bali. I had pre-booked a tour guide to drive me around to different places for 3 days and today was the first one. I’m happy I did this because I would’ve been so bored only staying in Seminyak. The tour company I’m using is Bali Ari Tours and I found them through good reviews on tripadvisor. My guide is a really nice man who speaks English well and is very knowledgable about each place of visit. I’ve learned so much and I really like that he doesn’t stop at each place too long because that would bore me haha.

Our first stop was Gunung Kawi Temple. The temples were not what I expected because I thought they were all indoors but they’re not. This doesn’t mean it’s something bad because they were so beautiful! Surrounded by the nature, among the rivers, beautiful flowers and trees. I enjoyed walking around a lot even though it was super hot haha. Oh, I had to wear a sarong to cover my knees and that thick fabric above my jeans short made it worse haha! This was my favorite temple this day.

 15415958_10157848038940392_521930008_n 15401476_10157848039680392_695637468_n

The second stop was Gua Gajah Temple and this had 300 steps walking down for but of course you’d have to walk up again… We both died a bit haha. God, that heat, barely any shade and yeah 300 steps!!! Another beautiful temple with a lot of golden details. Not many tourists at any of our stops this day and that was so nice!

 15424500_10157848039825392_1686373971_n 15424626_10157848036115392_1655855094_n

A place that has been on my bucket list for years is the Tegalalang Rice Terraces in Ubud and this was our third stop today. Really cool to see and incredibly beautiful but I have to admit, I thought the area was going to be larger… Anyhow I’m super happy I got to see it and I loved the views!


After Ubud we took off to Kintamani for the Mount Batur views. This is a mountain people usually hike but no thank you for doing that in the heat. I was perfectly happy with the view and having lunch there 🙂

 15424670_10157848040115392_1902095466_n 15435655_10157848040195392_451928580_n

The last stop was Mount Agung and a place I had specifically requested. My tour guide had warned me a bit before we got there that the people can be very aggressive but I didn’t really understand what he meant by that until we got there. There’s a beautiful temple in this area and the mountain is just behind the temple giving an incredible view to the eye. So here comes the part of the aggressive and incredibly rude people. I had paid entrance like in all the other places and my guide told me where to go and what to tell whoever spoke to me. He couldn’t join me and I understood why when we had to leave. I walked in the temple direction, was stopped by the first mean people. They asked me for my ticket then demanded me to do a donation. Now, here my guide told me not to donate more than 10k rupiehs. I gave them 7k. They got upset, demanded me to donate 50k. I said no, you can’t tell me how much I want to DONATE. The said that if I donate 50k I would get a guide which I didn’t want so I just left. Got to the temple, stopped again by other mean people. They refused to let me walk further without a Balinese with me and the Balinese I had with me wasn’t allowed to go in. You see what’s happening here? I had to get one of THEIR tour guides. No thank you. Walked back to the car, explained everything to my guide, he walked with me to the first stop but they were so aggressive and mean to him so we took off. I wouldn’t recommend ANY tourist to visit this temple (Bali’s largest) because of how they treat people. The travel agents have even stopped doing tours to this area because of this. Not worth it at all…

A shame this happened on my last stop but I’m not gonna let that ruin the day because it was wonderful! It’s going to be nice with 2 more tour days before I take off to Gili Trawangan 🙂

Didn’t do much more than relaxing at the hotel. It was a long day of driving and many stops.

Stay updated for more. I will keep posting every day!

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