Hello ūüôā

Two years ago I went to Belgrade but I didn’t fly over, we actually went with the car. It was exciting since we did a few stops and I got to see places I’d never seen before. We started in Gothenburg, Sweden and continued to the south where we took a ferry to Germany. It was only around 45mins with the ferry so that was nice because I’m not a big fan of those boat trips. From Germany we continued to Czech Republic where we had our first stop for lunch. It was a very small city so we didn’t stay there long. Then we continued to Vienna where we stayed the night. Vienna is full of nice hotels so just choose any and taxi is cheap there too. We spent the evening there so we went to the city center, had a glass of a wine and then back to the hotel. The day after we continued to Hungary and had a lunch break in beautiful Budapest (have to go back!). From Budapest we continued to Belgrade. I stayed there around 4 days and then flew back home.


– Life Design Hotel //¬†This hotel is centrally located and just minutes from the main street. It’s not very big but it’s quite nice. The breakfast buffet is good with a lot to offer.

Restaurants & Food:

– Hotel Moskva //¬†Hotel Moskva has a restaurant that anyone can¬†access to without having to enter through the main hotel entrance. The interior is beautiful and feels very Russian in some way. My dish, unfortunately I don’t remember the name, that is on the picture was the best I had during my stay in Belgrade. It was so good that I thought about for weeks haha. The hotel is located in the¬†beginning of the main street in the city center.


Hotel Moskva restaurant

– Vapiano //¬†You can find¬†Vapiano in many countries and yes it’s Italian but I had to eat there anyway because I love it! This is also located in the main street and they have a very big outdoor seating which is nice when it’s sunny.



– Serbian burek //¬†I didn’t have much Serbian food there but at least I tried the burek for¬†breakfast and it was good. Try to find one of the small take away bakeries, they usually have the best burek.


Serbian burek

– Novi Beograd Ada River //¬†I highly recommend you to visit this area. You’ll find plenty of restaurants along the river and it’s so beautiful by night with all the lights. You can also go here if you only want a drink. They have some nice seating areas¬†around the bars.


Novi Beograd Ada River


– Avala Tower Panoramic View //¬†Avala Tower gives you the perfect panoramic view of Belgrade. I was surprised to see so much nature because except the parks in the city you don’t¬†really notice it. The perfect thing is that the tower has a caf√© where yo¬†can sit and¬†enjoy.


Avala Tower view

– Kalemegdan Park //¬†Oh, I loved this park! It’s so beautiful and¬†there’s a lot of history to it. Another perfect place to enjoy the beautiful view of Belgrade.¬†There’s a long, high wall where you can sit and look at the view or if you go to the caf√©. The park is quite big so take your time when you’re there.


Kalemegdan park

– Church of Saint Sava //¬†The most beautiful Christian Orthodox church I’ve ever seen!! It’s built with marble and it’s huge. They still haven’t finished it so the inside is under construction. There’s a wonderful¬†little park outside too.


Church of Saint Sava

РSt. Marks Church // Another amazing church with beautiful paintings of Jesus. These two churches are so worth a visit!


St. Marks

– Ada Ciganlija Park //¬†This is another park located by the river. It’s not even similar to Kalemegdan so visit both of them. This one is more of a promenade along Ada river and there are a few restaurants and caf√©s along the walk. It’s the perfect spot on a sunny and warm day!


Ada Ciganlija park

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