Bye bye Indonesia


This is my last day in Indonesia and I’m super excited about Singapore which is my next destination. Unfortunately I only have 3 nights there because I thought that would be enough. Might be, who knows but I have a feeling I want to stay longer haha.

I didn’t do much here yesterday. Hanging in the pool, lunch at the hotel and in the room in the evening. I was just being lazy and tired. I’m checking out in 1,5 hours and then I’m just going to stay around the hotel. My pick up is at 6pm so that gives me time to have lunch here before I leave. I can’t bother going anywhere since I have to come back for my bag anyway. Will probably take a nap before check out and then try to finish reading my book so I don’t need to carry it with me.

I want to tell you about what I really think about Indonesia in this post. I will try to do it about each country I’m visiting during this trip.

My first expression was that people are insane in the traffic haha. Especially the ones on the motorbikes. And seeing kids on them without helmets gave me a heart attack every time. It’s so dangerous and yet they don’t seem to care. I got to the hotel late in the evening so I didn’t really see much but on the second day while walking around I found it so dirty and disgusting. The beach was the worst I’ve ever seen. Everyone keeps blaming on the rain but come on!!! It’s the people making it dirty. They through out the garbage on the street and then nobody does anything about it. Of course it harms the nature and surroundings. The third thing that bothered me is the people. I mean, they are super kind but how annoying can you be? You can’t pass the market without EVERY person asking you to go inside and have a look. And the taxi drivers will honk on you to get in, they can even stop an yell “taxi?!” Ah, anyway the list can go on. What was good though is the food (delicious), the tours I did (beautiful temples and rice terraces), they have really good shopping even though I couldn’t buy anything because of my backpack but I did have a look and also the cool restaurants and lounges. Oh, can’t forget that it’s cheap 😉

 IMG_9592  IMG_0159

Here you have photos of how dirty the beach was in Seminyak, Kuta, Legian and Gili Islands

I will most likely not come back to Indonesia, I think one time was definitely enough. And I wouldn’t recommend anyone even to come here haha. But I’ve met a lot of people who really loves it and want to come back so I’d say Bali is a place you either love or “hate”.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my posts during my stay here and I hope you’ll follow me through this journey =)

See you in Singapore!

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