California 1 road trip part 2

Hello again 🙂

I ended the last post with Santa Cruz and Redwoods. From here we drove south on CA-1 to Monterey, Carmel and San Luis Obispo where we had our second stay. So far at this time we’d had three nights. You can do this road in a day but it will be a very long day and you’re going to be exhausted and probably not enjoy it too much. I suggest at least one nightstop.


Big Sur


We stopped here for an hour or two only but we visited Canery Row and Monterey Window on the Bay Beach. Canery Row is super cute and cosy. I love that it’s by the ocean and you can feel the breeze. There are lovely small shops with everything from souvenirs to chocolate dipped strawberries. 

IMG_0867 IMG_0864



From Monterey we drove south to Carmel. It actually belongs to Monterey area but anyway.. We didn’t exactly know what to do here because we had just been informed that we have to go. So, we went to the beach to see what it looks like and ended up in an area with beautiful houses. It kind of gave us a Mexican feeling. Very beautiful!

IMG_0875 IMG_0906

Carmel by-the-sea

From Carmel we kept driving along CA-1. Stopped here and there and enjoyed the beautiful views and places. We had decided to stay in Bakersfield but met a guy at a gas station who advised us to stay away from that town and go to San Luis Obispo instead. That’s what we did and it was the best advice ever because when we got to San Luis Obispo it turned out it was farmers market!!

 IMG_0692 IMG_0916 IMG_0987

Somewhere on the road. Look at all the sealion!! 😀

San Luis Obispo: 

San Luis Obispo is a small city so you could basically stay anywhere you want around the downtown area and you’re within walking distance. I think we had like 10-15mins walk to the hotel but unfortunately I don’t remember the name of it. As I mentioned earlier it was farmers market when we got there. We had no idea about this. We checked in, just left our bags and went to downtown. And when we got there we heard music and a lot people. Guess if we were happy! It was so much fun!!! There were farmers selling fruits, vegetables and many other things, street performers, musicians.. everything!! We stayed for a couple of hours and it was great!

   IMG_0998 IMG_1003 IMG_1025

San Luis Obispo (look at the cute public transportation!!)

From here we took off to Las Vegas but I’ll write about that in another post. We drove through the Mojave Desert and it was so cool!! Hot of course but I was surprised that it was so windy. Of course we had to stop and take pictures 😛


Mojave Desert

After Vegas we continued to Los Angeles and spent around 12 days there so next post will be about LA!!

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