California 1 roadtrip part 3

This is the last part on our trip since Mexico, where we spent our last week, is going to have it’s own post. We spent 12 days in Los Angeles and yeah it was a long stay but we had so many things we wanted to do and I don’t remember having even one day not knowing what to do.


Los Angeles


– Chamberlain Hotel // This beautiful and luxurious hotel is located in West Hollywood. It has a pool  and a bar on the rooftop which is super nice. They don’t have breakfast included in the room price but there is a restaurant and oh my God they certainly have delicious options. It took us around 20mins to get to Santa Monica beach (when there was no traffic) and could take around 1hour 40mins to get back because we always managed to do it when everybody else were going home from work haha. The locations was very good anyhow because we could walk down to the main street and there were plenty of cafés, restaurants and bars (mostly gay though, but who cares).


– The Standard // I’m only writing about this one because it was very special. The bar is located on the rooftop of The Standard Hotel. And the Standard is a skyscraper which means you’ll have a beautiful view of LA.

Things to do: 

– Hollywood // Ugh, didn’t like the touristic part where the Chinese Theater and so on is. It was not what I thought and very dirty in some way. Other parts of Hollywood are really nice but no the one with the stars on the street.

– Hollywood sign // My friend who lives in LA took us to the sign, literally to the sign. It was so cool to be so close to it!! This is a must in LA.

– Griffith Park & Observatory // If you want the most perfect panoramic view of LA in the night the this is where you should go!! Not only is the place beautiful but the view will blow your mind.


View from Griffith Park

– Venice Beach Blvd // My favorrriiitteeeee placceeeeee!!! We rented bikes for like three hours at the Santa Monica Pier and rode along the boulevard. You’ll see homeless people, artists, musicians, bohemians, crazy people.. ah all kinds of people! And that’s what so great about it. This is another must in LA and do what we did. Rent a bike and ride along Venice Beach!!

 IMG_1403 IMG_1382 IMG_1747

Venice Beach Blvd

– Santa Monica Beach & Pier // The beach itself is really nice and it’s a bit funny to see the lifeguards. It’s very Baywatch all over it haha. The pier is not really something special but you still gotta see it. And if you’re going to the beach or Venice Beach blvd then you might as well have a look at Santa Monica Pier too.

IMG_1330 IMG_1496

Santa Monica Beach & Pier

– The Grove // Another place I like a lot! It feel very luxurious but it’s so beautiful at night with the street lights, the fountain and all the restaurants. There are also shops, a cinema and cafés.

– Rodeo Drive // Well, I don’t really know what to say except luxurious!!! I felt so poor walking around there haha. It was nice though but I think if I go back there then I’m going to save up so much that I can afford buying something 😛


Amusement Parks:

– Disneyland // I’m like a kid when it comes to amusement parks because I absolutely love them!! Disneyland was something special to me because as everybody else probably I grew up watching Disney movies all the time.  I entered everything and had to have a look at everything haha. Didn’t really care if it was only for kids. It was so much fun!!

– Six Flags Magic Mountain // Oh dear. I took a nausea pill before riding anything and it barely helped! The rides are brutal!!! Of course I had a lot of fun but on some rides I couldn’t go because they were spinning too much for me haha. I would go back though!!


– Universal Studios // Don’t miss out on Universal Studios. This was my favorite I think. It was a great experience to see where they are filming and how they do certain effects and scenes. There are some rides too and they were so much fun!! There’s a water show and if you don’t want to get wet try to sit as high up as you can haha. I left the show soaked in water..


Me & Beetlejuice at Universal Studios

San Diego:

– Sea World // We went to San Diego just for the day and we managed to fit in both Sea World and the zoo. Sea world was not much fun though, you can actually skip it. We were like done after an hour or so and we watched Shamu as well.

– San Diego Zoo // The zoo was much better than sea world because there were animals I’ve never seen before. The park is too big to see in half a day so we took a tour train to see half the park and the other half we walked.

IMG_2113  IMG_2217

San Diego Zoo & Sea World

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