Charming Siem Reap

Hey there 🙂

Hope you’ve all had a wonderful Christmas holiday. Time for New Years!

I arrived to Hoi An in Vietnam last night. Finished my trip in Siem Reap yesterday afternoon.
I loved everything about it. I spent 2 nights at Chhaya Angkor Boutique hotel and it was great. Even though the breakfast was a bit poor it was compensated by being at the rooftop. The staff was so kind and lovely. I would go back just to see all of them again. I got picked up by a tuk tuk that was sent from the hotel and my first thought was, seriously? But it was fun! I used the tuk tuk everyday and I loved it haha. In some way, you see the city in other ways rather than being in a car. It’s like becoming a part of the culture. Very interesting.
Didn’t do much the first day as I arrived quite late in the evening. I got an aromatic oil massage in my room for 1 hour and it was well needed after carrying the backpack to the airport. I usually get a taxi or shuttle from the hotel but in KL the taxi was expensive and took double the time than the train. Also the hotel shuttle was double the taxi price. It was nice taking the train though. I started chatting to a British man already at the station so we kept each other company going there.


Me and two of the lovely girls working at the hotel ❤

On my second day The tuk tuk driver took me on a small tour in Angkor Wat. It was amazing to see as it’s been on my bucket list. So cool! At Angkor Thom I met a German girl who was so friendly! We ended up having a Cambodian lunch together and decided to meet in the evening again. I went to watch the sunset at one of the temples but when I got there I saw a super long line. I asked two men what people were queuing for and they said that people were lining up to get in to the temple and watch the sunset. It didn’t make any sense to me though because the sunset was from where I was standing and I didn’t go in. And also I would’ve had to queue for about 1,5hr before getting in and the sun would set within the hour haha. I decided to go back to my tuk tuk, got to the hotel and ran up to the rooftop. Catched the sunset for a minute 🙂

   15820197_10157949090660392_180870839_n 15750367_10157949090755392_2036598757_n 15781959_10157949090705392_652358826_n

Around 8pm I met Katja at Khmer Touch Cuisine for Cambodian dinner. This was located at Pub Street so after that we went to the club Temple that played really good music and it was actually a very nice place with 3 floors. At the top it was more of a lounge with pool and all. We stayed mainly at the ground floor and danced. It was hilarious partying with Asians, never done that before. Really fun people! We took a short stroll around Pub Street to check it out and we saw those food carts selling disgusting grilled insects! They had spiders, snakes and scorpions, like really???? Our evening didn’t end too late which was nice as we left when we had the most fun! I think that’s good because that’s how you’ll remember the evening 🙂

 15749955_10157949092675392_81979497_n 15801760_10157949093275392_2066875371_n

Oh my third and last day I went to Croq’ Me for breakfast because I had overslept and missed the hotel breakfast. It was so nice having a panini instead of all the noddles and toasts I’ve had for a few weeks haha. After my breakfast I walked around town to explore it a bit and I ended up at a beautiful temple called Wat Preah Prohm Rath where a monk showed me around and then I met two super friendly Americans 🙂 A chat with them and then continued to get my henna tattoo at M Fashion. I have this thing for them, love it haha. Then it was time to leave for the airport and Hoi An. Will update about Hoi An in a few days 🙂

 15801690_10157949093240392_1420497392_n 15801575_10157949093270392_1405442169_n

Until then, I wish you all a very Happy New Year and as they say in Cambodia, I wish you very good luck 🙂

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