Cluj-Napoca third & last

Good evening!

Got home from Cluj just 2 hours ago and I’m so tired. We flew from Malmö so we had to drive 3 hours to get home. Our flight was delayed an hour and we stopped on the road for like 45mins so it’s been a super long day.

I did some new stuff in Cluj this time that I want to share with you and I hope you’ll like it 🙂 Also, I’ve changed my mind about some places haha so I’ll write about them too.


– Matei Corvin Deluxe Apartment // We rented an apartment through and it turned out to be a super luxurious one! We were 4 persons so we had 2 bedrooms, each with double bed and a sofa bed. There was a tv in each bedroom and one in the kitchen. Had one bathroom and one toilet. Super fresh and clean everywhere. I highly recommend this also because it’s really in the center.


One of the bedrooms (picture borrowed from

Restaurants & cafées:

– Bricks (M)eating Point // This restaurant is quite central and located by the river. If the weather is nice then it’s highly recommended to sit outside to have a beautiful river view. The food was super delicious and the appetizers big. We had some different salads and one of them with shrimp and avocado was to die for! This is a very good place to have dinner at.

IMG_6634 IMG_2301

– Euphoria Biergarten // Euphoria has three different places and this one is quite close to Parcul Central. It has a big outdoor seating which is very nice. Service a bit slow but it’s Romania. Not quick anywhere. You gotta be patient when you go there. Food very good here too!


– Globeto // This is a café inside Polus Center where the foodcourt is. They have Italian ice-cream which is nice and fresh juices. The prices are so good, very cheap compared to Sweden.

– Napoca 15 // We went to Napoca 15 for a big dinner (25 people) so we got some special service with our own buffet. The food was very good and we had open bar, not too many drinks to choose from though but good wine. If you go and they have salmon and mashed potato then try it!

– Toulouse // Toulouse is very famous in Cluj so if you go when it’s cold you can forget it. It will be smashed all day and evening. During summertime it’s easier because everybody sits outside. I was not super impressed by the food according to how famous it is but it was good.

– Via // This is a fancy restaurant with a bit higher prices but of course it’s still cheap compared to north Europe. The food is delicious and service very good. If you don’t want to wait too long though then go before 20.00 o’clock (8 p.m.).

 IMG_2469  IMG_2470

– Pergola // I’ve written about this before but I have to mention it again because this is a place I love. The view is beautiful and lemonade so good haha.

 IMG_2502  IMG_2500 IMG_2495

– Carousel // Carousel is new and located inside Parcul Central. It has a beautiful outdoor seating by the water and the sofas as super comfy. Food was among the best I’ve had in Cluj! A must if you go but evening time it’s fully booked so try to go during the day and on a weekday. Forget the weekends unless you book weeks in advance.

 IMG_2568  IMG_2569


– Polus Center // Okay, so I know I’ve said Ilulius is better but uhm it’s absolutely not haha. Polus has way more shops and is bigger. If you wanna do some real shopping then this is where you should go.

– Ilulius Mall // Yeah, so a small mall with very few shops that are good. Starbucks is here though haha. And the park outside is very beautiful. Worth a visit just for the park and walk around the lake.

  IMG_2384 IMG_2375 IMG_2368

– Demmers teehaus // I love this teashop! It’s in the center on the big square where the huge Hungarian church is. The staff is super friendly and it’s a tea paradise for a tea lover (me!).

Activities & Sightseeing:

– Parcul Central (Central park) // This is the biggest park in Cluj and I’ve mentioned it before but now that I’ve been during summertime I have to mention it again. They have events almost every day and it’s everything from jazz festival to food festival. They have markets some time too. It’s such a fun place to visit. You can also paddle canoe there or ride another boat. I did it with my sister (bicycle boat?) and it was so nice.

 IMG_2545 IMG_2570 IMG_2512

– Paragliding // is all I can say. Book through them! They will take you to such beautiful place and wow what an amazing experience. I wasn’t going to do it (afraid of heights) but when I got there the instructor took me first and forced me to go haha. I don’t regret at all but I will not do it again 🙂

 IMG_2584 IMG_2693 IMG_6721

– Studio Exclusiv // This is more of an activity if you want to spoil yourself a bit 😛 The girls here are very good at doing manicure and pedicure but you have to expect to spend around 3 hours there. I was so bored when they started with the pedicure, ugh. I don’t have the patience for these stuff haha but I was very happy with the result afterwards.

Hope you enjoyed it 🙂 Next trip is up in 3 weeks!! Can’t waaaiiiitttt

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