You might think it’s all poor and grey but you’d be surprised if you went to Romania! The city I’ve been to is called Cluj-Napoca. It’s located in the mid/north-west of the country and not too far from the border of Hungary. Cluj is Romania’s seconds largest city and Transylvania’s largest. The reason to why I’ve been to Cluj twice is because my little sister studies there. Unfortunately I can not recommend any hotels but if you go then try to stay in Piata Uniri which is the center.



– Hanul Dacilor // This restaurant is a typical Romanian restaurant and it’s located close to Iulius Mall. On the way there you can have a nice walk by the water. The food is very good and the portions are huge. I liked the interior a lot because it certainly gives you the local feeling. Order Sarmale, you won’t regret it.

1511372_10153957033070392_1397145159_nHanul Dacilor

– Tokyo // I’ve been here twice and would go back many more times. It’s a Japanese restaurant (obviously) and the food is just so good! Order the Sushi boat or one of the noodle dishes and don’t forget lemonade!! For some reason it’s delicious in Romania. No matter where you drink it.

  393206_10150975949440392_894530614_n 10153809_10153957027945392_1857740462_n

Tokyo / Sushi boat and lemonade

What to do:

– Turda // This is a salt mine located south of Cluj but it only takes around 45 mins to get there. It is now a tourist attraction and if you are nearby then it’s absolutely worth a visit. Have a look at what you can do down there and take your time to walk around.


Turda salt mine

– Botanical Garden // The botanical garden is not large but big enough to spend an hour of walk there. The nature in the park is very beautiful with the ponds and flowers.

– Central Park // Compared to the botanical garden this park is huge. You’ll see people jogging, training, walking, having picnic etc. Sometimes they have markets as well. Very nice place!

  10247505_10153957026405392_1119711581_n IMG_8038

Central Park

– City Center // So if you stay in the city center then you have walking distance to plenty of famous sights and main attractions. Cluj has many beautiful churches, even Hungarian ones, and other buildings with beautiful architecture. You’ll find many cafés with outdoor seating, restaurants and some shops.

 IMG_2666 385223_10150975944620392_1400610510_n IMG_2829

City Center


– Iulius Mall // Huge mall center with very good shops. I prefer Iulius mall rather then Polus Center because of the shops. And I kind of think it’s nicer to walk in. You also have the beautiful little park outside (the first picture in the post).

– Polus Center // This is the second shopping center and it’s a bit smaller than Iulius and not as good shops. It’s still worth a visit if you have the time.

Panoramic View:

– Pergola // Pergola is a café with both indoor and outdoor seating and it gives a wonderful panoramic view of Cluj. A must visit!


Panoramic view

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