Finally to a destination I love so badly that I actually want to move there ❤


A lot of people don’t like it because there is no old, historical architecture and because everything is so new and modern. Honestly, that’s why I like it. It is very different to the rest of the world and that makes Dubai so special. The architecture of the buildings are crazy, cool and beautiful. The whole city lights up in the evening and it makes you drop your jaw.


– Pearl Marina Hotel Apartments // I’ve stayed here twice and would go back many more times. This hotel is located around 7mins walk from JBR beach, it’s on the Marina and the standard is so good. The prices are very affordable and the more you are the cheaper it is. I really like that it’s an apartment because there’s a kitchen so no need to get up early in the morning for breakfast.


View from the balcony


– Zaatar w zait // Okay, a bit embarrassing but they knew my order as soon as they saw me walking in haha. I was there almost everyday and ordered the same thing every time haha. This is the perfect place for beach lunch!! Of course you can have a seat there but I always took it with me to the beach. You gotta try Manakish with zaatar and one with gibne (cheese). They are so good!!!!


Manakish from Zaatar w Zeit

– The Cheesecake Factory // So the one I went to is on The Walk which is by JBR Beach and only minutes away from the Marina. If you’re lucky you’ll get outdoor seating on the balcony or under, but anyway you’ll have an ocean view. Super beautiful. And please don’t go without trying the cheesecake.


Cheesecake factory

– Falafel Operations // Ah, one of the best falafel I’ve ever had. It’s a bit expensive but not too bad anyway. And it’s definitely worth it. It’s a lot and it’s very good. This one is also on The Walk.

– Eauzone at One & Only Royal Mirage // The most beautiful restaurant I’ve been to!! It’s luxurious so very expensive but if you don’t usually visit luxurious restaurants then it’s worth it. It’s Asian food and try something with seafood. The good thing is that it’s in a hotel which means they serve alcohol 😉

12299375_10156231308075392_6292553132752531530_n IMG_6141


– Arabian Court at One & Only Royal Mirage The Palm// One & Only is killing it. This one is located on the palm and the Arabian Court has Arabic food so order som meze (small dishes). They do have some seats that are not under the tents but ask for it specifically so you are guaranteed to sit under it. It’s a part of the Arabian experience and by the way, don’t forget the shisha.


Arabian Court

– The Noodle House // Another Asian restaurant located in The Dubai Mall. The portions are huge, they have good prices and the service is really good. The food came out quick which is great if you’re starving. And they have outdoor seating so choose that because it’s really cold inside the mall.

– Abdel Wahab // Uhm, I don’t think I’m recommending this restaurant haha. It’s located outside The Dubai Mall in Souk Al Bahar. It’s Arabic and we had meze there but the thing is that the day after I was so sick and some of my friends had diarrhea. I had to take antibiotics for like 5 days and I got some kind of bacteria so I was sick for 4 months!! Apparently my cousin and her family have also eaten there and they all got sick too. So try to avoid this place!

– Al Hallab // Been here twice 🙂 It’s located next to the diving men in the Dubai mall and ask to be seated on the terrace because it’ll give you a beautiful view of Burj Khalifa and the dancing fountain. Just another tips, try to make reservation and requests on all the restaurants online before you go to Dubai. I did that and it turned out perfectly. At Al Hallab eat meze and finish with fresh mint tea! The portions of the meze are big so order one of each if you are 3-4 persons.

 12295371_10156237094060392_8880946358314288301_n 12316451_10156237092070392_5265713666552973014_n 12341131_10156237093825392_1908330008323858864_n

Al Hallab

– Laduree // Hihi, it’s so beautiful. I visited the one at the Walk with an outdoor seating only on the beach side. Except the macarons they have very good juices and other desserts so try it out!


– JBR Beach // Look how beautiful it is!!!! I love it so much. It’s not too long but you can still have a walk for 45mins-1hr and you have restaurants from all over the world so no matter what you feel like eating it’s there. You can also ride a camel 😉 There are some shisha cafés on the beach which is really nice! How great to sit there and smoke.

 IMG_1626 IMG_1732 12241217_10156231307165392_5032520083440603218_n

The beautiful beach JBR


Sunset at JBR Beach

– Nasimi Beach // This beach is, as you can see, next to Atlantis Hotel. I didn’t like this beach and the water because it feels way too muddy and the swimming area is too small. Oh, and you have to pay to get in to this beach but we knew that before we got there. It’s around €30 per person but you’ll get a lounge chair, towel, sunshade and you can eat and drink for that amount. We had like sushi, drinks, juices, shisha and fries so you do get a lot! And they have a DJ which was very nice.

 1609994_10154086077115392_3425562971158588958_n  10247464_10154086081405392_8282913560510362182_n

Nasimi Beach

– Barasti Beach // DON’T GO THERE!!!!!!! This has an entrance with security but it’s for free. They have nice sunbeds but it’s disgusting there! We got in, took a sunbed, got in the water and then left. The water was so dirty because there’s a party there every weekend or every day, I don’t know, but anyhow there were fruits, sanitary towels and other shit in the water. So disgusting!!!!


– Dubai Mall // If you think you’ll have time to see the whole mall in a week then you’re wrong haha. It’s huge!! Like really huge haha. There’s aquarium (picture below), ice-skating rink and I don’t know what inside haha. It’s crazy. But, whatever you want or need they have it. Don’t forget to go outside and watch the fountain at souk al bahar, the diving men inside or the aquarium.

12311157_10156237098815392_7532261423679802074_n 1512385_10154086070275392_5958204526646656078_n

The Dubai Mall

– Mall of The Emirates // Another huge shopping mall but a little bit smaller than the Dubai mall. And here you have a little ski resort haha. I actually prefer Dubai Mall because it feels more luxurious and it’s way much nicer. The only thing I like about this mall are the interior design shops. Very, super good!

What to do:

– Souk Madinat // The first time I went to Souk Madinat was in November and I just loved it! It’s so beautiful and if you want to see something “old” in Dubai then this is where you should go. They have plenty of restaurants, a souk, you can go on a boat ride and just walk around and enjoy the beautiful views. I think this is a must visit in Dubai!

12341623_10156239972415392_1959758411276990804_n 12321635_10156239972270392_7018228659148740476_n 12316243_10156239971225392_8177851000062221717_n 

Souk Madinat

– The Walk // This is basically the only place in Dubai where you can have a walk outside where there are restaurants and shops. And yes, it’s by JBR beach. Ask the hotel concierge about events on the walk because they have them now and then. It’s really nice! I love the walk, it’s super nice there.


– Buddha Bar // All the bars and clubs in Dubai are located in or next to a hotel. Buddha Bar is next to Grosvenor House. It’s very expensive here so if you don’t have the budget then I recommend you to find another place. The place is nice and usually packed but when I was there they were smoking inside which I didn’t like.

– VIP Room // VIP Room is in JW Marriott Marquis Hotel and I think we spent 5mins there and then left haha. The people were so not what we expected and it felt dirty in someway. Don’t go there.

– GQ Bar // GQ was a very nice bar! We were sitting on the terrace, eating sushi and smoking shisha. Very nice atmosphere, nice people and good service. This is also located in JW Marriott Marquis. The prices are okay here so I recommend this place.

– Burj Khalifa // There’s a bar on 122nd floor and to enter you need to drink for a certain amount. It’s not much, I think you’ll get like two drinks but don’t expect a nice view if you go in the evening. It’s so high up that all you’ll see are tiny blinking lights. I wouldn’t go back there and I don’t think it’s something you need to spend time on doing while in Dubai.


Burj Khalifa

I hope you liked this post about Dubai. It’s one of my favorite destinations so I’m very happy I can share this with you 🙂

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