Final stop!

My final stop Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). I’m not sure I’ve told you earlier but I’ve been quite fed up with Asia for some time, basically since Indonesia haha. As you know I didn’t like it there and so it kind of ruined a lot. I had nice last days because I stayed quite a lot at the hotel and then got to Singapore which I absolutely loved. I’d say every second country/city has been good and every second has been shit. So yeah, Indonesia sucked, Singapore was awesome, Kuala Lumpur was shit as f*ck, Hoi An was pretty but it rained and ruined a lot as well, Ho Chi Minh has been both. It was bad when I was in Saigon but I did a tour that was good. The city is just too much. The traffic is horrible, worse than Bali because the roads are bigger. I’m crossing the streets sometimes without looking because if I look I will never be able to cross. It’s like, walk and if you die you die. The people are terrible in English which has annoyed me so much!!! The air pollution is bad, I can’t wait for some fresh air in Brisbane. By the way, going home today! I was first supposed to leave on the 17th of January, then changed to the 12th and in Kuala Lumpur I changed again to the 3rd haha. Can tell you I’m quite happy about going home.

Let me tell you about my days here in Saigon. Got to my hotel Icon 36 midday, was hungry so I tried to find a good restaurant on Tripadvisor, ended up at Eleven Café & Restaurant where I had a good pasta and fresh juice. After that I took a walk to Vincom Shopping Centre which was disappointing. It was like 5 floors but each floor quite small and not many good shops. I just bought a pair of Levi’s. Continued walking around, ended up in an area called Times Square, was way too hectic. The area where Vincom was was actually very clean, new, modern and not as hectic. I liked it. I was really feeling for a dessert so I found a place just outside the hotel, MZ Café, went there and had a passion fruit cake which was not very good haha. And an American family with a lot of kids got in, made so much noise. They ruined my quiet evening 😛

 15841259_10157966918780392_1054603671_n 15870720_10157966918815392_1214785722_n 15870607_10157966919080392_1809759327_n

My second day started very early at Hurom Juice Café where the Grasshopper Adventures meeting point for the tour was. I met up with the guide and 5 other travellers. We started off by driving about 1,5hrs to the Mekong Delta where we got our bikes. Rode for 16km and had a few stops at nice places and got to see how the locals work. It was very interesting. The ride was very nice as well, sometimes a bit scary because of the bad roads. It was about 30 degrees so super hot haha, but we felt it usually when stopping only. Our first break was at a local café where we had delicious fruits, ice cold water and some snacks. It was nice =) We then continued 12km and that road was even more beautiful! I felt like Julia Roberts in Eat, pray, love =D Such a nice tour! The bike ride ended at a Vietnamese family’s home where we got home cooked lunch. Very good! =) We had some nice time there and then got on a.. hmm I guess Vietnamese boat, that took us on the man made river for about 30mins. We got stuck at one point because something had got stuck in the engine haha. What an adventure… The whole day was so nice and calming in some way. Away from the hustle and bustle of Saigon. I was a bit hungry when I got back to the hotel so I took a stroll first of all, to Marou Chocolate shop where I got some chocolate bars =) We had actually visited one of the places where they make the cocoa for this chocolate so I felt I had to buy some. Anyway, stopped by at Saigon Café and had pasta bolognese (I know I’m boring but I can’t deal with Asian food anymore!!) and then back to the hotel. I was exhausted from the bike tour.

 15870987_10157966921015392_1628932363_n 15871056_10157966920695392_1319804848_n 15870772_10157966919125392_1981403618_n

Today is my last day (wooohoooooooo) and I started off by taking a walk to Benh Tang Market where I bought a nice kimono but seriously, I basically left after that haha. What a headache. Ugh, the people, the crowd, the heat… I couldn’t deal with it. I had to buy a suitcase though so I continued to Thai Benh Market that the hotel receptionist had recommended. It was the worst ever. My eyes were hurting from the air, it smelled disgusting and yeah, just the worst market ever. I didn’t buy anything there either, took off as soon as I could so I went to Co.op markt where I bought 2 small plastic bags. Ended up at MZ Café again for lunch and had Quesadillas which were really nice. I’m now heading to the airport for a long flight back home but so worth it as a lot of fun is waiting for me =)

 15841738_10157971611655392_81267609_n 15871398_10157966921350392_1319197471_n

Second photo is just something funny 😛

See you in Brissy ❤

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