First day in Brisbane

Helluuu 🙂 Arrived yesterday evening at 19.30 (7.30 pm) and I slept 6,5 out of 8 hours on the last flight. So nice! But ugh, I won’t fly Singapore Airlines again. I only read positive things about them when I booked the tickets but seriously? It was so narrow where we sat and luckily on the Copenhagen-Singapore flight nobody was next to us and Singapore-Brisbane it was only two seats so just us but we could barely move. Food was okay, I’ve had way better onboard a flight and the tv screen was not the best. I was not impressed with them at all.
So, what did we do the first evening?
We arrived to the hotel (very nice room!) and then just showered off 30 hours of traveling haha, and then went out for dinner. We’re staying 7 mins walk from Queen St Mall so that’s where we went. It looks nice but we were too tired and it was late so we’ll explore more today. I also have an apartment inspection today, which I hope I will get because we only have 2 more nights at the hotel.


Hotel Jen // We are staying at Hotel Jen which is a very nice hotel but one thing that is super bad is that there won’t be any power from 22.30-05.30 (10.30pm-5.30am) for 2 nights due to some work on the ac system. This means no wifi, no light, no tv, no ac… Blaaahh


Jimmy’s on the mall // This restaurant is actually only outdoor and it’s two floors. When we got there it was pretty late so we could only eat downstairs and they had two different menus for each floor. We had some charcuterie and other snacks and it was really good. Affordable too.


Ciao for now!

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