Puuhh, second post! So we took the ferry from Playa d’en Bossa to Fomentera and stayed there all day long. We rented a car through the ferry company as they had a special deal with a car rental company on Fomentera. Unfortunately if you don’t pay much you get a crappy car haha. Yes we got one of those.. It’s very easy to drive on the island and everything is so close to each other as the island is so small. We enjoyed a few beaches and drove along the coastline which was amazing. Got to see a beautiful sunset too.

                        IMG_4056 IMG_4021

Sunset at the harbor and view from our roadtrip


Aqua Bus // This is the company we used and hm, we were told it would take 45mins but it actually took 1hour. I know it’s just 15mins extra but the boat is super boring so it was not worth it. The reason we used this company is first of all because it was the only one that we knew about that let at 21.30 (9.30pm) and also it was a bit cheaper than the others. But, as I said, I think I’d rather pay more and have a shorter way coming there.


Chacala // This restaurant is located next to Cala Saona beach. The food was quite good but the service was very bad. The thing is that you don’t have many other options if you’re going to that beach and you’re hungry haha.


Cala Saona Beach // This beach was quite small but ocean was very beautiful. We walked up the cliff and took some amazing pictures of the water and just enjoyed the beautiful view.

 IMG_3982 IMG_3919 IMG_3981

Esplamador Beach // Esplamador beach is located in north Fomentera and is said to be the most beautiful beach in Europe. I can agree on that. It’s breathtaking. Well, maybe not the beach itself but all in all. It’s actually just next to the other beach I’ll tell you about.


Illetes Beach // Yes, so you can walk from Esplamador to Illetes an that’s what we did. Parked the car at Illetes and left it there. It was so nice, the water was clear like a pool. Amazing!! These two beaches are musts at Fomentera. Do not miss out on them!!

 IMG_3984 IMG_4224


Cap de Barbaria // Cap de Barbaria is a lighthouse and you might wonder what’s there to see. Well, the view!!! It was our first stop and wow!! We also climbed down a ladder to get under the ground and we came out at the edge of the cliffs. So cool!! I would suggest to go here first because then you have plenty of time to enjoy the beaches.

 IMG_3826 IMG_3782 IMG_3792

Hope you enjoyed my posts and that I inspired you enough to go there =) See you in Australia next time!

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