Fraser amazing Island

Finally we’re here =) I’ve been looking forward to tell you about this amazing island. Fraser Island is the biggest sand island in the world. Cool? Yup!! There are dingos and some other animals there but the craziest part is that there are 22 different snake species and 20 of them are venomous. We saw 2 snakes, one of each haha. The venomous one we saw is called Ringneck (I think that was the name). We had no idea it was dangerous and stood very close to it, crazy people.

  IMG_5759 IMG_5493

You might not see it, but there’s the Ringneck snake in the left picture. The right one is just a big lizard =)

So, our day started with being picked up from the hotel by Cool Dingo Tour (which we booked through fraserfree) and then we took off to the ferry which departed from River Heads. Arriving to Fisher Bay (ferry pier at Fraser Island) we were met up by the best tour guide ever, Gaz. He was funny, knowledgable and great driver of a 4WD bus haha.


This is where the ferry departed from, River Heads.

We didn’t go to the lodge immediately, instead we started the tours. He took us to Basin Lake, Central Station, Pile Valley and Lake McKenzie on the first day. It was crazy beautiful. Lake McKenzie was, hmm.. I don’t even have words to describe it. It was so good to book it all through a company because we had all three meals included, a guide, transfer to and from the island, accommodation and yeah, the transfer on the island. That was actually very fun!! Since it’s all sand it was super bumpy and sometimes it felt as if the bus would tip over haha.

 IMG_5505 IMG_5464 IMG_5461

Look at that water ❤

IMG_5547  IMG_5501

Our ride on the island =) Some pictures from the bush and rainforest.

Our lodge was the Wilderness Lodge where we had private room but shared bath and toilet with the other girls in the same lodge. We were not many which was good and the place was actually very clean. There was also a common area with kitchen and table, but we never used it as we had dinner all together in the “restaurant”. Oh, and every evening they had a different activity for all of us and the first night it was quiz night (our team failed big time haha!).

Our second day was spent on the 75 mile beach. Such a beautiful ride and we stopped at Eli Creek, Maheno Shipwreck, Indian Head and Champagne Pools. During this ride we stopped where three guys had small aircrafts and some of us went with them. We had the most perfect view of the island from above and it was just to die for. What an experience!!! Champagne pools was also a very beautiful place and from Indian Heads we saw whales hihi. Loved it all!

 IMG_5584 IMG_5593 IMG_5611

Our view from above =D

IMG_5700 IMG_5644

Maheno Shipwreck and 75 mile beach

So, the last day. We left the island around 16.00 o’clock (4 pm) which gave us time to visit Lake Wabby, Hammerstone Sandblow and Lake Birrabeen. Something fun that happened was that when the bus was parked on the beach and we were heading back from Lake Birrabeen, my sister got there first and standing on the beach, taking photos, a dingo saw her haha!! Yes, they are dangerous if you are alone and you move. The best is to be in a group and never turn the back at them, and of course to stay calm. What does my sister do? She gets panicked, starts walking really quick to the bus and of course the dingo starts running after her haha. Lucky her the bus door was open so she rain in and closed it. When me and Gaz got there with the whole group behind us we saw a dingo standing outside the bus and just staring at it. When he saw us he ran off and then we see my sister’s head peaking out from the door haha! We laughed soo much and poor her, she was terrified. Well, at least we got to see a dingo 😛

 IMG_5770 IMG_5822

No matter how much time you have in Australia, Fraser Island is a must and definitely book the Cool Dingo tour. I’m so happy with it!!!


Finishing with the beautiful sunset at Fisher Bay. Hope you liked the pictures =)

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