G´day mate

G’day =)

Didn’t do anything special yesterday. Was lying in the pool area just sunbathing and reading. Feels so luxurious to have that just outside my apartment. I love it! It was really hot yesterday but today is a bit cloudy, still hot though. I’m thinking about taking a walk to Kangaroo Cliffs Point and sit there and read.

 Namnlöst Namnlöst2

I’m waiting for one very important call and one important email so as soon as I’ve received those I can start with my trips. I’m thinking about saving Sydney and Melbourne for later when it’s getting warmer. It’s still just under 20 there and that’s too cold for me haha.

I’m hoping to go to Byron Bay before the 10th to meet up with Nikki and I’ll go to Gold Coast and Stradbroke Island for sure. Will see how much time I’ve got left before school starts but I will still continue doing trips during the weekends. Short ones obviously, saving the major trips for when my friends are coming to visit in December. I can’t wait!!! ❤

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