Gili Air

Hello =)

After 1 day/1 night in Gili Trawanga I took the public boat to Gili Air. Quite an interesting boat ride haha. It was very wavy and the boat was not the biggest one so nothing for those who get seasick. I had 2 pills to prevent seasickness haha.

I met up with the Swedes at the hotel. I made a reservation at the same place as this was the only one with closed bathroom haha. The hotel is 7 SEAS Cottage and very cosy.


We spent a couple of hours having fun at the beach and then they had to take the boat back to Bali.

 15571064_10157872515850392_37882507_n 15555737_10157872515500392_1219848742_n

I stayed another 2 hours, reading and sleeping at the beach. In the evening I took a walk to see what Gili Air offers and there were only restaurants… ? I had crepes with nutella and strawberry and freshly squeezed pineapple juice (yummy) by the ocean. Nice place! But Gili Air is dirtier than Gili T and it doesn’t have those beautiful places like Gili T. No shops either, which is a little bit boring.

 15571263_10157881982790392_53317660_n 15497791_10157872516440392_1696952622_n

The second day was again spent by the beach, just relaxing and then in the evening I rented a bike and explored the island. This was kind of fun because the island is all sand but in some places you can actually ride the bike so I thought I could manage cruising around but I had to walk more than half of the time haha. It was hilarious sometimes as I almost fell off the bike. Well, well, at least I tried it haha. Got a nice chat with two guys as well while walking back 🙂


On my last day I spent quite a long time in my hut during breakfast. The restaurant is located by the ocean so I had a beautiful view and wanted to just enjoy it and relax. It was a bit cloudy as well so I wasn’t going to the beach yet. After that I decided to actually walk around the island but on the beach. It started getting really hot so I figured I’d go to my usual spot when I got back except that just when I had a bit than less of the island left the thunderstorm came?! It was funny how I was watching it raining on Lombok and then it just started pouring over me. I hid in a bar and after about half an hour I hurried back to the hotel for a long shower.

 15556109_10157881983000392_671947066_n 15554886_10157881983030392_1254729402_n

I’ve booked my accommodation in Bali. Changed my mind about 10 times on where to go next. Lombok was my destination all along but after trying to find decent hotels for 2 days I just gave up. The I was thinking about Gili T again but the nice hotels were of course expensive. I’m going back to Bali instead. I’ve booked a room at Ramada Encore which is super nice and has a huge pool (or 2?) and I’m meeting up with an Aussie so hopefully it will be fun! Can’t wait to get to Singapore!!! Enough with Indonesia now haha.


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