Good morning

Good morning form a super tired girl

Yesterday was so much fun at Potato Head Beach Club (what kind of name is that?! Lol). It’s a very nice place by the beach with an infinity pool, music, restaurant, bar.. they have everything. We had dinner and drinks and everything was very good, though pricy. It was worth it anyway. It’s not often I go to that kind of places hehe. After Potato Head some of us took a taxi to La Favela as it’s supposed to be awesome in the evenings. The other ones drove their motorbikes (idiots) and met us there. Tourists are crazy driving around in a motorbike in Indonesia. The traffic is insane!!!


La Favela was quite crowded but not in  bad way. Good music and nice atmosphere! I didn’t stay long, was too tired. The young boys stayed for the clubbing haha.

Today I’m just going to relax by the pool again. I’m thinking dinner at Mama San tonight and I would like to go to La Laguna but depends on the mood haha.

See ya!

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