Good times


It’s been quite hectic and fun 2 weeks since I got back from amazing Whitsunday. I had some assignments due that week so all good at school. The weekend was fantastic! Friday was spent in the CBD, having lunch with a friend and just walking around and enjoying everything. We ended the evening at my rooftop terrace with some delicious wine. Saturday started perfectly by the pool with amazing weather and good friends. As other Saturdays we ended up having a great pool party with drinks, music and dance. We then continued the evening at my rooftop and ended at my friends´ terrace with again, more drinks and more dancing. Oh just remembered something hilarious that happened hahaha!!!

Me and one of the guys went downstairs to my place to get some more wine, and didn’t check the time. (The access to the rooftop closes at 10pm…) So, we got the wine and tried to get up with the elevator but it didn’t work, obviously because it was after 10pm haha. So I started panicking of course because I didn’t have my phone with me, our friends were at the rooftop with no key to get downstairs with the elevator and of course my dear friend thought he had his phone but it was a package of cigarettes in his pocket haha. We took the fire escape stairs, thought we were so smart. Walked 9 levels up (I died, still panicking). Got up to level 18 and what happens there? The door is locked!!!!! Hahaha! I was about to start crying haha. This was not fun, then. So we walked downstairs again, I pulled every handle on each floor, trying to get out and locked all the way down to level 10. Got out, took the elevator to my place and that’s when I remembered I had iMessage on my mac (thank you Apple <3) so I texted my girlfriend, telling her to bring everybody down by asking someone else to let them out and then we were gonna continue to my other friends´ place. Luckily she was smarter than me at that point so she took everybody to the ground level and didn’t need a key for that and then we took off. This story makes me laugh so much every time I think about it but at that moment I wanted to cry haha 😛

Huh long day eh?

So on Sunday me and my 2 girlfriends did a short road trip to Coolangatta which is in the Gold Coast. Enjoyed the beautiful beach all day, had some lunch, walked to a lookout point and then drove back home. I was exhaaauuussstteeeeeddd but such a beautiful day!

 Namnlöst 1


Me and one of the girls also went to Bribie Island on Monday, but no car. We took the train and bus. So easy. Something fun happened that day too haha!!!! We walked to Bribie National Park, got lost in the heat (+30 degrees celsius) and were dying haha. Luckily we got out to a road, a car came along and I stopped it. The lovely lady took us back to the beach, laughed at us of course haha but super kind. Bribie was nice but I kind of expected more. Don´t think it´s a place you actually gotta see. I´m happy I did because it was kind of on my list of places in Brisbane 🙂

 3 2

Bribie Island

So the rest of the week has been calm. I´ve been to school and of course my pool because it´s been boiling hot but I still love it!! =D This weekend is going to be all about pool, study, some shopping and continue planning trips. Just a calm one because I have a feeling next weekend is going to be hectic again… Need to relax a bit haha.

Long post!! Hope I got to make you laugh a bit with my stories though 😛 Sorry I didn’t post anything from Saturday and Friday but it’s nothing you gotta see actually =)

See ya!

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