Hot water beach


I’m skipping out on a separate post for my night in Auckland because I only went grocery shopping and that’s it. We arrived in the evening so I didn’t really have time to do much. I stayed at Nomads Hostel but in a private ensuite room and it was okay. Nothing fancy obviously because it’s a hostel. I was just happy it was a quiet night =)

The day after we were around 70 people I think taking the bus for Hot Water Beach. I haven’t been able to update on that until now because we didn’t have wifi out there and my 4G reception was not working either. It was so nice to stay offline for 2 days.

So, on the way from Auckland to Hot Water Beach we only stopped at a super market and then continued on on the beautiful roads. The surroundings are just amazing. I’ve tried to capture it on photo and video but it just doesn’t do any justice. One has to experience it to understand.

In Hot Water Beach I didn’t have any accommodation so I booked with the bus driver at Hot Water Beach Top 10 Holiday Park where I shared room with 2 Swedish girls, 2 German girls and 1 Italian guy. Very nice people =) The Holiday park was everything from tents to cottages to camper van parking to hostel. We stayed in the hostel part and it was so nice! Modern, clean, beautiful nature around and it seemed very new actually. I don’t mind charing room with people just for a night, especially when everybody is on the same tour. Like that night was very quiet as most of us were getting up early to catch the bus to Waitomo.


Anyway, enough about that =) What we did in Hot Water Beach was the Cathedral Cove kayaking tour which was about 2,5 hours. It was amazing!! We kayaked around the cliffs, enjoyed the beautiful scenery and when we got to the actual Cathedral Cove we walked around a bit to have a look and then our nice guide made us some hot beverages 🙂 It was freezing cold so that was well needed haha. On the way back we kayaked through a beautiful cave. I got to sit in the same kayak as the tour guide on the way back and that was so luxurious because when my arms where tired I didn’t have to paddle 😛 Such a great tour!!

 16244238_10158097137450392_1806419656_n 16295983_10158097142200392_1876349265_n


Late in the evening we took a stroll down to the beach and watched the people who had dug a hole in the sand to make a hot pool out of it, The water that comes up is so hot that in some spots you can boil an egg. We didn’t do that but we touched the water at least 😛 Lazy people…

That was our day in Hot Water Beach and it was great fun! I really liked it there but I like every place here because of it’s sceneries haha.

Next update, Waitomo 😀

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