Ibiza & Formentera

Hello!! It’s been a while =) I haven’t been very good in updating my blog because I’ve been busy preparing for Australia. So, on Friday I got back home from Ibiza and that trip was amaazzziiinnngggg! It was not an ordinary “party Ibiza” trip, and I didn’t even go out clubbing once. This trip was all about exploring the islands. I will be more specific about each place and trust me, you will want to go!!



Aparthotel Jabeque Soul // We were three people staying here, one double bed and one sofa bed. It was so clean, and it had a kitchen which was good since breakfast was not included. The bathroom was big and what was nice was that the hallway and bathroom was between the bedroom and kitchen/livingroom. The hotel has two pools with sunbeds and, well i don’t know what they’re called, but beds haha. Our view was amazing and we had about 5mins walking distance to Playa d’en Bossa and the ferry to Formentera. We had café, restaurants, supermarkets and tourist shops just outside which was super. The only negative thing was that it was noisy in the evenings but it’s Ibiza…

IMG_3104 IMG_3084 IMG_3077

Our view from the room and the poolside


Element // This restaurant is located in the north part of the island just on the beach Cala Benirras. It has a wonderful view and the interior is so hippie, I just loved everything about it. There’s actually a hippie market outside too. It’s all outdoor seating which is nice but unfortunately our food was not the best. One in my company had meet and us other two had octopus. The meet was apparently good but I would not recommend the octopus. The dessert, chocolate fondant, was not very good either. I’m sure there’s plenty on the menu that is much better, we just had bad luck.

 IMG_3149 IMG_3172

                                                          Octopus                                           Such a beautiful sunset

Sansara Chiligarden // Omg this place!! We ended up here by accident. It’s very close to Las Dalias hippie market and that was our destination but when we got there they were just about to close. Luckily we saw the sign to Sansara on the road so we went there instead and what a perfect place. It is exactly what it says, a chill garden. Cozy atmosphere with very nice staff. The Japanese part is the one I recommend especially if you love sushi. It was to die for! We even went back there another night haha. Ask the waiter/waitress what sushi they recommend and just take that. You won’t be disappointed.

 IMG_3315 IMG_3336

Plaza del Sol // This was by far one of the best restaurants we had dinner at. It’s located in Dalt Vila at Plaza del Sol and yes it has the same name. We had fish (best choice ever!!!) and the dessert… Well you gotta try it to understand how good it was haha. The restaurant is located kind of alone which I loved because the other ones are so loud and crowded. We also had a beautiful view of Ibiza.

 IMG_3511 IMG_3492 IMG_3487

Try the cheesecake if you go!

Oliver //  I completely fell in love with this place. When we first saw Oliver we only saw the shop and by accident I continued further in and found a bar that was completely stunning. You can see it on the left picture. And further in from the bar was the restaurant so we went back another day for dinner at this beautiful place. Oliver is located in the city center, can be hard to find if you don’t walk that street though. But I’m sure you’ll find it easily if you just have the address because the place was packed when we got there. The food was very good, perfectly salted. We didn’t have dessert here because we went to Vivi’s Creamery which you can read about in this post too.

 IMG_3596  IMG_1715IMG_4775

Kumharas // I guess the pictures says it all but I’ll tell you some anyway 😉 Kumharas is as you can see by the beach and it’s famous for the sunsets. It’s a very hippie place (love it!!!) with a market, dj, bar, restaurants and shisha. If you want to have proper food then you need to sit in the restaurant section and if you go during sunset time you will not see it unfortunately. I recommend to eat dinner first, before sunset, and then move to the bar section (which is huge) and watch the sunset from there. You can also have food at the bar but it’s mostly sushi, tacos and other smaller snacks. We actually had our dinner at the bar and it was pretty okay but so worth it for our view.

 IMG_4647 IMG_4554 IMG_4552


Assaporaml // Assaporaml was located outside our hotel and look how pretty it is!!! It’s funny how I fell in love with every place decorated like this haha. I guess it’s because we don’t have this in Gothenburg. So anyway, they had different kinds of croissant, focaccia, smoothies and much more. Their smoothies and focaccia are incredibly delicious. Even if you don’t live nearby it’s totally worth going!


Vivi’s Creamery // I have to give praises to the staff first! Sooooo friendly and happy 😀 The ice cream is delicious and it’s so fun that you can add cookies and candy on the ice cream. This is also located in the city center and just ask someone if you can’t find the place.


Beaches & Beach Clubs:

Nassau Beach Club // Nassau Beach Club is located almost at the end of Playa d’en Bossa. This is actually a good thing because almost the whole beach is crowded with young people who are there just for partying. At this part it’s more adults and people who wants to chill and relax. Nassau Beach Club is a bit too expensive and the service is not very good. For some reason it’s still worth going… The food is really good though and yeah, the beach is calm, music is good and sun beds are comfortable.

 IMG_3224 IMG_3217 IMG_3212

Just a big bottle of water 😉

Ushuaïa Beach Club // Ushuaïa is also at Playa d’en Bossa and this is actually also a nightclub. We only stayed at the beach though. The service here was also terrible and they have a minimum spend of €50 which is cheaper than Nassau Beach Club. Food, sunbeds and drinks were really good here too. I didn’t find it as nice as Nassau though and I think it’s because it’s too close to where all young people are and also because this is a nightclub and people came to the beach club for a pre-party.

  IMG_3425 IMG_3417

Playa d’en Bossa // Yeah, I guess you’ve figured out what I think about this beach haha. It was very close to our hotel and this is also where we took the ferry to Fomentera so in that way the beach was super. And yes, the end of the beach was very nice too. I think we walked 30-40mins on the beach to get to Nassau. All in all t’s way too crowded, people are drunk from mid-day and ugh too much young people. One really fun thing we did here though was taking the jet ski 🙂


Nassau Tanit Beach // This is another beach club that belongs to Nassau and is located just next to Nassau Beach Club. The difference between them is that Tanit is cheaper and calmer, as in the music is more chill. The service is not very good here either even though the staff is more polite. The biggest problem with all these beach clubs is that it’s hard to get hold of a waiter/waitress. They seem to stay with those who tend to spend a lot of money and buy drinks all the time.


Cala Tarida // Cala Tarida is located on the west side of the island and honestly, this is where all the nice beaches are. The water is crystal clear and it’s amazing. Cala Tarida had a restaurant with a frozen yoghurt bar (so good!). What’s fun is that there’s a big cliff you can jump from! We actually did it and we had so much fun.


Playa de Comte // Playa de Comte is also on the west side, actually all beaches I’m mentioning now are. Again with amazing water, this is also the clearest I’ve seen on IbizaI think. The beach was kind of divided into two. There was a big cliff with a restaurant separating, A lot of families with children are at this one and it was super crowded. I didn’t like it too much even though it was very beautiful but it was because of all the children haha. There’s another restaurant which looked very cosy and is apparently a good spot for a beautiful sunset.

Cala Xarraca // First of all, there’s a huge mansion, a palace haha and only one person lives in it. ONE!!!! You’re going to die when you see it. We were so shocked, thought it was a restaurant or something haha. Anyway, back to the beach 😛 It’s very very small, not very nice actually. I didn’t like the type of sand there was and there was too much sea grass in the water. There’s a cliff here too which we jumped from but it was so hard to get up because the stone was very sharp. I had bruises all over my legs after that. Pff another thing that I didn’t like and it’s that there were so many naked people in the water where the cliff was haha The food at the restaurant was not good either. Honesty the worst we had in Ibiza.


The picture is not very good but this is the mansion. It covers the whole picture


Can Marca Caves // Except our roadtrip to different beaches we also went to the famous caves in the north part of Ibiza. I was not very impressed as I thought it was caves that we could enter and walk around in as we wanted but we had a guide and there was a path we had to stick to. The cool parts were narrow and not possible to get in to. I was a bit disappointed and I don’t think this is a must see in Ibiza.

 IMG_4407 IMG_4412

                                         View from outside the cave

Es Vedra // Es Vedra is one of the most famous places in Ibiza. If you read about what to do or see then this will definitely come up everywhere. It’s a bit strange how two cliffs in the water can be so famous but if you go you’ll understand. We found a perfect spot to watch it, unfortunately we didn’t have time to stay for the sunset but a lot of people went there at that time. It is so beautiful so yes a must see in Ibiza.



Las Dalias Hippie Market // Everybody who goes to Ibiza probably goes here and I can understand why because it’s a nice market. The thing is that if you don’t have enough time then I recommend Hippy market instead. Las Dalias is not very big and it’s more expensive. Parking was €3,50 and is just outside.

 IMG_4391 IMG_4394 IMG_4510

Hippy Market // Now this one is huge and cheaper than Las Dalias. But, you’ll notice that almost everyone sells the same stuff and the price is the difference. I think Hippy Market is only on Wednesdays 10-19 (10am-7pm) which can also mean it can be super crowded. We went about 2 hours before closing (not enough time though) and it was okay with people. Not too many. The parking outside is €4 for the whole day.

 IMG_4444 IMG_4448 IMG_4445

City Center // Unfortunately we only spent time there properly once. The other times were just a short visit so we didn’t really see much. But the last day we were looking for Vivi’s and saw how beautiful the city center really was. So many small shops, restaurants, markets, boats by the harbor.. The list can go on. I wish we had the time to go back again but unfortunately we didn’t. The shopping seemed really good here, I only wished there were more international shops.


Oliver // Back to Oliver… I told you about the restaurant and now I want to tell you about the shop. They have so many ordinary things, furnitures, interior decoration, clothes, bags.. They have everything!! It’s not super big and it’s so pretty with the lamps and greeneries. I would say that if you go for dinner please don’t miss out on the shop!!

 Okay, this got too long. I’ll do Fomentera in a separate post 😛

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