Greetings from Bali 🙂

Arrived yesterday evening. Flew with Jetstar from Brisbane to Denpasar, about 6 hour long flight. I was exhausted so I slept for 4 hours haha. The aircraft was really nice, a dreamliner 787-800, so I had good legspace and a big seat. What sucked when I arrived was that we all had to wait for our luggage for like an hour!! They were so slow with unloading or whatever reason it was to the delay. But eventually I got my bag so very happy with that. I had a driver picking me up and he took me to Primera Hotel where I’m staying. It was pouring rain and my first thought was; oh nooooooo!!!! Luckily today it wasn’t like that haha.


I’m staying in Seminyak because I wanted to be close to the beach, shops and restaurants. I started my day with breakfast at the hotel and then took a long walk on the beach which is the dirtiest beach I’ve ever seen. Now I’m happy it was cloudy because I didn’t have to spend the whole day at the beach.

 15401285_10157841397700392_1251306789_n 15435930_10157841397125392_498420242_n

Not going to show you the garbage on the beach, you will never set your foot there if I do haha.

After about an hour I walked around in Seminyak center. First of all I have to say, people here are super annoying!!!! Like, leave me alone! Kept asking if I wanted taxi (the taxis seriously stop on the road to ask), the moped drivers asked if I wanted a ride, the shop owners kept nagging at me to go inside… Ugh feels like I’m in Turkey or something. I’m happy I’m not spending more time walking around Seminyak haha.

15494126_10157841397515392_414454080_n 15423507_10157841398155392_1086410938_n 15451346_10157841397845392_1431526782_n

The streets of Seminyak, Bali

The food is really good though. I went to Souq which is a super nice café and had a juice and cake there. I really liked that place! And my late lunch was at Batik which was a beautiful restaurant in the center. I’ve been strolling for 14 km so my legs and feet are quite dead. Finished off in a super market to get some snacks and now I’m just relaxing at the hotel =)


My hotel room =)

The coming 3 days I’m going on tours with a private guide to different temples, mountains and rice terraces. It’s going to be interesting so I’m very excited about that!


It doesn’t have anything to do with ny post but I found it funny having petrol in Absolut Vodka bottles haha

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