Kuala Lumpur

Good afternoon!

I’ve been in Kuala Lumpur for 4 days, now heading to Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Hmm… I arrived late at night to Victory 2 Boutique hotel, around 2 am. My first impression was WTF?! is this??? I had booked a hotel that was supposed to be quite nice according to the reviews. How wrong! It looked like a crack shack from the outside, I was scared just by walking in. The lift looked like it was taken out of a horror movie. Upon check in I asked for a quiet room, the receptionist said that because I was the last one I’d had to take what was given to me. Oh, such a nice service… So I got a room on the same floor as the reception and the bedroom and bathroom were horrible as well. The shower was leaking and they couldn’t even provide with new shower gel and schampo, they just left what was there from the previous guest. Like seriously? And he was so rude, making so much noise in the middle of the night and chatting so loud with a friend. Ugh… Like people were trying to sleep! The first thing I did was looking for a new hotel and so I booked a room at The 5 Elements in Chinatown. Looked good! Slept a few hours and the bed gave me a back pain from the metal things in the mattress. I could feel it all while sleeping. Not very comfortable. So as soon as I woke up I took a taxi to the other hotel and gosh what a difference!! So much nicer! Left my bags and got out for breakfast. I found a really nice spot with western sandwiches just outside. It was called Toast I think. Delicious breakfast and spoke to some dutch guys who were there as well. Tried to get some tips on what to do in KL, they lived there so local tips are always good but they ended up telling me what I already knew haha. Guess there’s not much to do in KL. I was supposed to go to Batu Caves the first day but because of hotel changes I didn’t go. Walked around in Chinatown (my God, so many fake brands!!) and then took the train to KLCC. Saw the Petrona Towers and then walked around in Suria KLCC Shopping centre and Pavilion Shopping centre. That’s always a good idea 😛 Didn’t do much else afterwards, got pretty late.


 15724124_10157933557455392_1797160281_n 15782151_10157933557640392_1073130537_n 15750319_10157933557605392_1431612334_n

On my second day I was picked up by a tour guide who would take me to Cameron Highlands. I can’t believe I had booked that haha! Most boring tour ever and my tour guide was an idiot with idiotic opinions. 11 hours with him, yay…. Not. He took me to a rose farm, strawberry farm, tea plantation and waterfalls. Honestly, there were so much more on the itinerary  but yeah he was an idiot so he didn’t take me there. I basically spent most of the time in the car because of the traffic and all, well well. The tour company is MM Adventure. I had read a lot of good reviews but I guess I just got a bad tour guide.

 15673397_10157933557830392_1896999809_n 15749617_10157933557775392_160454792_n 15731502_10157933557655392_1705912028_n

My third day was supposed to be spent in Langkawi. I had already booked a flight and ticket to the cable car but it was going to rain all day so I didn’t find it appealing to go as I was going up in the mountains and you don’t really see anything if it’s raining. They could also cancel the cable car if it was heavy rain. So I went to KL Tower for a nice view of the city. Had afternoon tea there (Malaysian cakes are no good haha) and then I wanted to go to Mid-Valley Mall but whichever taxi driver I asked wanted to charge me 3-5 times the regular price. Of course I didn’t go. Walked to Suria KLCC again instead. Did some shopping, had dinner and then took a cab back to the hotel.


Today I left the hotel around 9, got the train to the airport and now I’m in Ho Chi Minh City’s airport, waiting for my connecting flight to Siem Reap 🙂 Going to Angkor Wat tomorrow so that’s fun! I don’t have much time in Siem Reap, a few hours tonight, all day tomorrow and then a few hours in the morning on the 30th. From there I’m flying to Hoi An for 2 nights, then Ho Chi Minh City 2 nights and then back home to Brriiisssbaaannneeee! So excited about going home earlier! Get to see a friend before she leaves and spend some time with my other friends before it’s time for New Zealand.

Ahh,.. long post haha.
See you in Siem Reap 🙂

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