Lamington National Park

Gooooodd morning!!!

How are you all doing? I’m exhausteeeedd. We’ve been so busy with tours and stuff and today was a day we didn’t have to wake up from the alarm. But today is a sad day for me =( My sister who came with me is leaving today, buhu. I’m sure I’ll manage anyway but it’s so fun to have her here!! Hopefully she’s coming back soon again ❤

So, where were we? Oh yeah, roadtrip to Lamington National Park. As I mentioned previously we didn’t do any fun stops on the way there so nothing to tell you about there. But there is definitely some to tell you when it comes to the biggest sub-tropical rainforest in the world 🙂


We thought we had booked accommodation close to what we wanted to do there but when arriving it turns out we were wrong haha. But no tears for that because we managed to fit it all in anyway 😉 We stayed at the Binna Burra Lodge which is super cozy. It has the most beautiful view of the rainforest and there are so many different walks from there which was perfect for us as we wanted to do some hiking. We didn’t have much time before sunset on the first day (who the hell wants to walk in the rainforest in the dark 🙂 ) so we took a short stroll of about 1,5km return to an amazing lookout. We stayed for a short while and then walked up to the lodge for dinner. The funny thing was that we were the only ones under the age of 40 haha!! I guess not a lot of young people go there 😛

 IMG_5848 IMG_5857 IMG_5858

The view from our Lodge, the lodge and the reception area

Our second day I basically wanted to die. We had planned a 18km return hike. Because of the misunderstanding of the signs we ended up doing a 22km return hike… I was so close to tears at the end haha!!! Well, it was a truly beautiful hike with plenty of waterfalls and we drank the spring water which was so good and fresh =) The rest of the evening we spent in our cozy little lodge reading and falling asleep at 20.00 o’clock (8pm) haha.

 IMG_5941 IMG_5940 IMG_5927 IMG_5933

The third day my sister wanted to do a 12km return hike, I refused =) I just couldn’t walk that much again. So we thought we’d do two small ones, one of 1,5km return and the other one 5km return. First one was to another beautiful lookout and the second one was to the caves. On the first one my sister wanted to continue a bit further away so we did but lucky me we saw a huge lizard and of course she wanted to return haha. The second walk was very beautiful as the half last part was by the edge with a beautiful view and very nice caves. How much did we end up walking? 12,6km haha! Omg, I didn’t move all day and we were done already at lunch. We literally spent the day in the room reading. I think we went to the restaurant for an hour to read there, just to get out of the lodge but then we went back haha. The fourth day we took off to Brisbane early in the morning as we had some important things to do, like going to Ikea 😛

 IMG_5996 IMG_6005 IMG_5997

This is all about Lamington =)

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