Las Vegas

Loooovveeeeee Vegas!!! I’ve been there twice and can’t wait to go back!! Vegas is not only gambling and clubbing. There’s really good shopping and they offer different tours and activities. I’m going to tell you a little bit of what I’ve been up to in Vegas.


– Trump International // Trump International is located in the north of the strip. It’s within walking distance to really good nightclubs. We booked a suite and it was so nice! The bathroom was huge and inside was a separate shower and toilet. We had dinner at the hotel one night and the food was very good. The hotel has a big pool with a restaurant attached, there’s spa, gym and many other facilities. We only used the pool and ate at the restaurant though. I was very happy with everything and definitely recommend this hotel.


One part of our suite at Trump International

– MGM Grand // MGM is located in the south of the strip. Also close to shops (mostly souvenir shops), restaurants, clubs and so on. The hotel itself is the third largest in Las Vegas so yeah, it’s huge. We actually didn’t leave the hotel for clubbing because we had Tiesto playing one night at hakkasan and Steve Angello another night at one of the pool areas. It was so cool! Anyway, there’s plenty of restaurants choices, cafés, bars, large casino and so on. There are a few pool areas and depending on your mood you choose whichever you want. Some have parties during the day, some only have music and then theres one where its nice and quiet. We were very lucky when we checked in because we were upgraded to a twin room at the grand tower (we had booked a double room). Over all, super good service, nice rooms and good range of food.


One of the pool areas at MGM Grand


– Tao // This is the only restaurant that was outside one of the hotels that I’ve eaten at. It’s Asian and the interior is so cool with the huge Buddha statues and the dim lights. The service on the other hand was not very good. I ordered a meal and when I got it it was full of peanuts (I’m allergic) so I told the waiter that I want something else and he started blaming me for not knowing the ingredients of every dish they had. So weird, because usually the restaurants write if a dish contains peanuts and how could I possibly know what Asian dishes contains?? Anyway after a small argument I got to order something else. Food was okay so no I wouldn’t go back there.


– North Premium Outlet // Very good shopping!! There’s also the South Premium outlet but it’s not as good as this one. This one is much bigger with better shops. You can buy a booklet with offers and you can usually use them even if the shop already has a great deal.

Tours & Activities:

– Sundance Helicopter tour // This is the coolest experience I’ve ever had! We booked a helicopter tour to Grand Canyon. We had a limousine picking us up to the airport and from there we flew to Grand Canyon, got to enjoy the most spectacular views, landed there and a picnic was prepared for us. Best tour ever!! I really recommend Sundance helicopter tour even though the prices are higher that others but since I don’t ride a limousine everyday I felt that even that was a big part of the whole experience. And of course the picnic.

 IMG_1264 IMG_1290 IMG_1583

Sundance Helicopter tour to Grand Canyon

– Machine Gun // Now this was something really cool!!!! I had never even seen a real gun before haha so this was an awesome experience. We chose a package suitable for girls, called Femme Fatale, and we had two machine guns included and one glock. We were picked up by a great lady in a cool van and on set we had a guy helping us. Seriously though, if you’ve never done this before then try it!


Machine gun (look it’s pink!!)


– Chippendales // Drooling, drooling, drooling.. Yup that’s what I did the entire show haha. It was soooooo good!! And omg they are so hot! I hope that I’m going to watch them again on my next trip. We booked the show tickets online and when we got there we got a welcome drink and after the show we could mingle with the guys. That was not very fun though because they seemed tired and like they just wanted to go home.

311904_10150868435220392_11574533_n IMG_1184

Chippendales (look how hot they are!!!)

– Ricky Martin // Oh, if you go and Ricky Martin has a performance please go!! He was such a good entertainer and his music was the best!!! We had so much fun and we got upgraded to better seats! We booked the cheapest tickets so we sat at the top and then one of the security guys took us to section two row one!! It was so close to the stage hihi.


Ricky Martin ❤


– XS at Encore // At the time DJ Alesso was playing at XS and the place was packed. It was a poolparty so people went all wild in the pool haha. Fun to watch though!! We went there with some friends and had a great time. The only thing is that when there is a famous dj playing then you need to go early. The queues were so long, I wouldn’t had gone in if my friends weren’t on a special guest list.

– Hakkasan at MGM // This is indoor and this is where Tiesto was playing so even this place was packed. We were on the dance floor but could barely move so it wasn’t that fun haha. And the people around us were way too drunk, they just annoyed us. Tiesto was awesome though so I would go to see him again.

 – Chateau // Chateau is such a great club! I’ve recommended it to friends as well and they all loved it. The music is great, the place is so nice and for some reason the people are fun haha. Go to Chateau!

  IMG_4475 IMG_1141 IMG_4396 

Thank you for this time Vegas!                                Bellagio                                                 The strip

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