Last Bali day

Good evening y’all!

This is my last day in Bali and tomorrow I’m going to Gili Trawangan early in the morning. I’ve only booked one night there because I don’t know if I will like it or not =) It’s in a beautiful bungalow at Laguna Gili Beach Resort. Excited already about that haha.

Today was also my last tour day and we started off a bit north of Seminyak at the Tegenungan waterfalls. There’s a beautiful view from the top with the waterfall and greenery around. Down at the bottom (of course a lot of stairs haha) it’s very stoney and the little pool under the waterfall is not very big but people were swimming there. Very beautiful place! I met two Swedish girls here and that was nice =)

 15555849_10157860618775392_1956648540_n 15497637_10157860618905392_1761834375_n

The second stop was at Garuda Wisnu and this is a cultural park which is still in construction progress. I was kind of disappointed because I had to pay 100k rph and there were only 2 statues done =/ I was basically done after 10 mins. Not worth it at all…

 15555985_10157860618375392_2131196233_n 15570904_10157860619150392_1273898215_n 15497486_10157860628005392_655592821_n

After Garuda Wisnu we were going to Padang Beach but this was not something I had requested like the other places, it was just added to the tour. I was not interested in paying to see a beach so my tour guide only took me to a viewpoint and ugh, smallest beach ever haha. I’m happy I didn’t pay for it. This is more of a surf beach so not something for those who only want to relax and so. But I have to say, it’s the cleanest beach I’ve seen here so far!

So, our last stop was Pura Luhur Uluwatu Temple. This was located on the hills high above the ocean. Another very beautiful area. We were not allowed to enter inside the temple but still had to wear a sarong…? And what was so funny about this one was that there are monkeys there. And everybody had to be careful so that the monkeys didn’t steel anything haha. They could just come really quickly and grab whatever people had in their hands. I saw a flip flop here and there and some other things they had stolen, so funny haha.

  15435648_10157860628365392_1505182020_n 15451413_10157860627700392_1616327902_n15415925_10157860628235392_1880141549_n

At the last temple I met another 2 Swedish girl just before going in and on my way out I met 3 guys from Sweden. So weird how I haven’t met a single one until my last day in Bali and most of them at my last stop =) I joined the guys for a late lunch at a seafood restaurant located on the beach. It was a very beautiful view and I had so much fun with them! =D

 15554710_10157860753000392_779216717_n 15555820_10157860752855392_86165324_n 15571121_10157860752830392_144618014_n

New update tomorrow from Gili T! See ya 🙂

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