London part 2

So London part 2. In this post I will share my sightseeing and shopping tips but I’m only going to mention the famous ones that nobody misses and focus more on my favorite places.

Famous places: (I probably forgot a few places)

– Trafalgar Square

– Buckingham Palace & St. James’ Park                                      


St James’ Park

– Piccadilly Circus

– Hyde Park

– Tower Bridge

– Big Ben & The Parliament


Big Ben & London Eye

– London Eye

– Westminster Abbey

– British Museum


British Museum


– Camden Market

– Brick Lane

– Oxford St.

– Westfield Shopping Center

(P.s Primark at Tottenham Court Road is the best)


Westfield Shopping center

My spots:

– Regent’s Park // This park is very beautiful and not as crowded as the other ones. It’s mostly Londoners going there and of course there’s the zoo so plenty of kids there. I usually went there when the zoo was closed and on weekdays because it was calmer then.

– Shoreditch area // I went there for the first time in February and I fell in love with this area. It’s so hipster! Great shops with cool interior stuff, the cafés are so different and let’s not forget the markets. You’ll find both Spitafields and Brick Lane here.



– Covent Garden // There’s something special about Covent Garden. I really like the small shops and the restaurants there. It kind of has a very cozy feeling, like all over the place.

– Kensington Area // Ahh, luxurious shopping. Who doesn’t like that? 😛 And by the way, sneak in to the interior shops. To die for!!!! I like strolling around in Kensington, it has a different feeling over it compared to rest of London.

– St. Paul’s Cathedral // It’s so beautiful and if you go, you have to go to the top of the church. You’ll get such a beautiful view of London.

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