So, since everything started when I moved to London I thought starting with tips about London is a good idea. I’ve been there around 6 or 7 times after I moved back home and I’m not gonna lie and say I’ve seen it all because I haven’t but I’ve seen a lot.

In this post I’ll start with hotels, restaurants and bakeries.


– Rose Court Hotel // This hotel is located very close to Marble Arch tube station and it takes like 5 mins to walk to Primark which was awesome haha. But.. I do not recommend anyone to stay at this hotel. Everything was so old and it felt dirty in some way. We had continental breakfast included but no comments on that since it was continental. We had to pay for eggs and bacon though, and that was bad! I think it was like 5 pounds at that time (2010).

– Premier Inn London Kensington // I was so happy with this hotel!! It was so clean, comfortable bed, big bathroom and they have a really good breakfast but unfortunately it’s not included in the room price. The location is about 3 mins walk from Earl’s Court tube station. I kind of like that area and you’re gonna notice that I’ve chosen to stay there three times in total. There are plenty of restaurants, pubs and cafés and it’s within walking distance to South Kensington and Old Street. Anyway, a very good hotel that I highly recommend!

– Avni Kensington Hotel // Avni is also at Earl’s Court and this hotel was also very clean and nice but the bed was very uncomfortable. I think the rooms were newly renovated (2009) and the best thing was that there were no carpeted floors. I hate that with UK. Oh, and another very good thing! I had booked a single room but when I checked in the receptionist was so kind that he upgraded me to a double room for free!! Very good service 😉 This hotel had continental breakfast included if I remember it correctly.

– Exhibition Court Hotel 4 // Oh, don’t stay here!! I was there very recently (February) and I had booked a single room and ended up next to the reception so I heard every noise there was. And my room was so small that I had to open my bag on the bed because there was no space on the floor. And the bathroom, omg! It was tiiinnnyyyyyy. Like seriously when I was sitting on the toilet my legs hit the sink haha. No, no, no do not book a room at this hotel!

Restaurants and bakeries:

– YoSushi // So this is actually quite a fun Sushi restaurant. The sushi is like passing you on a rolling belt and you just pick whichever you wanna eat. The box it comes in has different color and each color has its own price. It’s quite expensive but the sushi is good. You’ll find this place in many places in London.

– Wagamama // I looovveeeeeeee Wagamama. It’s Asian food and the appetizers are just delicious. Very friendly staff, at least at the one at Earl’s Court. I highly recommend it.



– The Troubadour // This is located at Old Brompton Road, it’s within walking distance from Earl’s Court. The interior was very cool and different (you gotta see the restrooms if you go). I had breakfast there and yummy how good it was!!!


The Troubadour breakfast

– Busaba Eatthai // Busaba is very much like Wagamama but the flavors in the food are very different. I went to the one in Soho and it’s a very big place. Very friendly staff here as well and delicious food.


Busaba Eatthai

– Balans Soho Society // They have a tree in the middle of the restaurant!! How cool is that!? Very good atmosphere, good drinks and delicious food. Balans is in a few places but I went to the one at High St Kensington.

– Hummingbird Bakery // If you like cakes then please do not miss this place haha! OMG, just by seeing everything you’re gonna start drooling. And they are sooooooo good!!!! There is one very close to South Kensington tube station but I’m sure you’ll find it here and there.


Hummingbird Bakery

– Lola’s // Oh Lola… It’s located inside Selfridges, in the food department. Cupcakes, cupcakes and even more cupcakes and trust me, you gotta try one!

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