Long Beach

Hello =)

So I arrived to LAX yesterday, picked up my rental and drove south to Long Beach. I had a motel booked for a night and left the car there and then walked around the town. I kind of regret it because the motel was quite far from everything (stupid maps) and I think I walked for 4 hours so I was kind of exhausted haha. I guess I got to see a lot of the city 😛

Long Beach is a super beautiful city and I found it as a perfect place to just chill, eat, drink and have long walks. I have a friend who lives here and it was so nice to meet her! Unfortunately we didn’t have much time together but at least we met 😀

   IMG_9770 IMG_9767 IMG_9766

Random pictures of Long Beach


– Royal Inn Motel // The motel is located in Cambodia Town which I found quite far from everything else. It is a nice motel, clean and has a very comfortable bed but if you are going to Long Beach then try to stay as near the waterfront as possible because that’s where you have everything.


– Simmzy’s // Had a super yummy pizza and their famous chicken starter (takes 15mins to get it). The starter was very hot but delicious so you gotta try it! And their tacos are apparently also very good. The prices are good and service is fine. This restaurant is located at Belmont Shore.


Good pizza at Simmzy’s


– Pine Ave // Pine Avenue is a pretty little street with some shops, restaurants and bars. On my way there (came from 3rd st) I walked past another place called Promenade which was very pretty too.

 IMG_9774 IMG_9779 IMG_9773

Pine Ave

– Long Beach Waterfront // Breathtaking views!! So beautiful here. You can not miss out on this place. There are plenty of restaurants and some with ocean view and you can walk for hours and never get tired of it.

 IMG_9787 IMG_9803  IMG_6249IMG_6248 IMG_6247

Long Beach Waterfront

– City Beach // A pretty long beach that is so beautiful. Seems like people hang out here in the evenings. A lot of them were sitting in the cars enjoying the sunset.

  IMG_9807   IMG_9822

   IMG_9817 IMG_6268 IMG_6281

City Beach

– Shoreline Village // Shoreline Village is where the waterfront is and it’s basically a place with restaurants that gives you a view of the whole waterfront area. You get more of a view from these restaurants than the ones actually on the waterfront.


Picture is taken at Waterfront but that part is Shoreline Village

– Belmont Shore // This is similar to Pine Ave except I found it longer and with more restaurants and bars. At the end of Belmont Shore you’ll get to Naples Island. This whole area is beautiful and it’s a nice place to have an evening walk at.

 IMG_9830 IMG_6290

Belmont Shore (My lovely friend who lives in Long Beach)

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