Los Angeles

Hello! 😀 I’m back home from California now (bohoo) and I have been doing so many fun things and met all my friends (new ones too) and it’s been a great time. I will tell you about LA because that’s what’s left from this trip. I first went there 15th-17th and spent the weekend in Hollywood at my friends super nice 2-bedroom and a loft and then I went to Glendale 18th-21st. I was in Palm Springs 17th-18th if you wonder why it was divided. I really regret staying in Glendale and not in Santa Monica. The reason to why I stayed there was to be close to my friend in Burbank but it was super boring there haha. I stayed busy all the time, it’s not that, but like I wanted to go to Third St Promenade and The Grove and it took a long time. Also Santa Monica is way much closer to the airport and of course a better area. Anyway, now I know until next time not to go there regarding who lives there haha.


Hey hey Hollywood!

I’m going to have three posts divided in categories because there are quite many places I want to share with you and hopefully they will be for use to you. This first one is about areas which are very beautiful and you’ll find both shopping and restaurants there. I really think you should go to a different one every day. You’re going to love it!

The areas are:

– Beverly Blvd (Beverly) // So this was the first time I went to Beverly Blvd and it’s such a small and pretty street with restaurants and shops. It looks so happy for some reason haha. There’s plenty of parking here and I think you should go and just have a look. Maybe eat something 😉

– The Grove (La Brea) // Another LA favorite. It has a beautiful little fountain in the middle and around it you’ll find restaurants and shops. It has actually expanded since my last time in LA (5 years ago) and now it has more shops, restaurants and even farmers market. I love it!

 IMG_0254 IMG_0267 IMG_0253

Farmer’s Market & The Grove

– Third St Promenade (Santa Monica) // I think I’ve reviewed this before but it doesn’t hurt to mention it again. Definitely one of my favorite places in LA. It’s close to the beach, it has restaurants, shops and cafés. It’s wonderful to walk here in the evening with the lighting.


Third St Promenade

– Americana (Glendale) // Americana is very much like The Grove in LA. It’s so beautiful with the lighting, fountain, statue and the shops and restaurants around. It looks very luxurious but you can eat quite cheap food too and the shops are not all expensive.

 IMG_0123 IMG_0119 IMG_0116


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