Los Angeles part 2

This second post is about restaurants and shopping 🙂 It’s more specific than my last post with the areas.



– Kino Sushi // This is located on Hollywood Blvd and it’s quite a big place. The sushi was amazing and it wasn’t as expensive as I thought it would be regarding to the location. Service was very good too and I would definitely go back there.


Kino Sushi

– Mel’s Diner // Mel’s is located on a cross street from Hollywood Blvd to Sunset Blvd. It’s a big diner with a lot too choose from on the menu. I had delicious breakfast here and the waiter was super nice. Very honest and actually told me what not too choose haha (waffles are better than the pancakes). I was very happy with my big breakfast, juice and tea. There’s a parking outside and free wifi!


Mel’s Diner


– Kiku Sushi // Me and my friend Erick went to Beverly Blvd after reading reviews about this place. We had like three different rolls and OMG it was so good. We got miso soup and edemame for free (big plus). The prices are good and I kind of liked the interior. It’s not a super nice place but Japanese somehow. They have outdoor seating, free wifi and there’s plenty of parking around the area.

 IMG_9969 IMG_9970

Kiku Sushi

North Hollywood:

– Salsa & Beer // First of all you can forget going here during the weekend because you won’t get in. The line goes around the building. Try a weekday during lunch. That’s when we went and got a table immediately. This a place has almost only locals (Mexicans) going there and I liked it. It’s nice to be around locals and not always touristic places. They serve Mexican good and you got to try the Mexican drink “horchata”. It was super good! The meals are huge so you might want to share or get some home with you. I barely ate half my beef nachos. They have good prices and friendly and funny staff. I liked it a lot.


This is actually what my friend had for lunch at Salsa & Beer


– Sushi Joint // I know I wrote Glendale is a boring area but it still got it’s nice places. This restaurant was very good. Cheap, good service and you get the sushi really quick. It’s not very big but they have outdoor seating and parking.


Sushi Joint

– Café Corner Bistro // This bistro was located just outside my motel which was very good since the motel didn’t offer breakfast. It’s ranked the top bistro by the police haha. There were actually some cops when I went there. Their breakfast was by far the best I had on this trip even though I ate the same as at the other places. I got juice, eggs, bacon, waffles and fruit and payed like $12. Super cheap in my opinion. I’ve payed more before.


Café Corner Bistro

– Amici // Amici is located in Americana and is an Italian restaurant. It is very big and has an outdoor seating which is super nice. We had lasagna and pizza and my friend had a glass of wine that he loved (I didn’t bring my ID 😦 ). It was a little pricy but it was worth it. The food was very good!


My friend’s pizza at Amici

Woodland Hills:

– Nats on Ventura // This is a random diner we went to on our way to Malibu beach. A big place with a lot of options on the menu. Good prices and a lot of locals go here. Nice breakfast and friendly staff. As all other places the prices were okay.

I just noticed I have a bad variety of food haha! Only sushi for lunch/dinner and my breakfast is all the same 😛



– Glendale Galleria // Glendale Galleria is very big and has both luxurious and midrange shops. It’s very nice on the inside and on the outside actually. I love the sign they have which is on the ground and it says Glendale Galleria. You’ll see it going to the Americana.

– Americana // I’ve mentioned it before but yeah as the Galleria you have different shops here and even Nordstrom. Some of the shops you won’t find inside the galleria but regardless it’s worth a visit here.

Santa Monica:

– Third St Promenade // This is quite a long street and you’ll find a lot of shops on both directions but at the end of the street (you’ll know where the end is 😛 ) you’ll find a small center with Nordstrom, Michael Kors and some other luxurious shops.


– San Fernando Blvd // As I said, Burbank is super boring haha. I went to this Blvd and after like 30mins I was done and wanted to leave. There are very few shops and the street is not long at all. I honestly think you’re good without a visit to Burbank.

– Burbank Town Center // This is a shopping center at San Fernando Blvd and it feels a bit cheap and trashy. It’s not very big and it has very few good shops. No good recommendation on this one!

La Brea:

– The Grove // The Grove is mostly luxurious shops and doesn’t have too many but it’s nice to go there anyway and have a look. I’m sure you’ll find something. There’s this cute candy shop there that is nice to visit!

– Farmers Market // This is actually new to me so I’m happy I went back to the Grove. There’s a big market but not open all the time and then there are a few stalls outside the market. There’s a nice square with a clock in the center, liked it a lot. If you go to the Grove you might as well see this too because it kind of belongs to the Grove.

I don’t have pictures for these places because I had them on the previous post.

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