Los Angeles part 3

I’ll have this as mixed tips post. Since I stayed with my friend in Hollywood I can’t recommend any accommodation there and I’m sure you’re not going to stay in Glendale but I’ll write about the motel anyway haha.



– Laugh Factory // This was hilarious! I laughed non stop for 2 hours. There were maybe 7-8 different comedians and almost all of them were super funny. The best thing about this is that when were at the entrance David Arquette came in!!! I was so happy to see a celebrity haha. I really regret not taking a picture with him, I’m sure he wouldn’t say no 😛 Anyway, back to the comedians haha. You should definitely go here if you feel like laughing.


– Argyle Nightclub // My friend Marvin took me and my other friend Valerie here. It was a nice place with good mix of ages. I don’t like when it’s only young people. Usually they can’t behave. The music was good but mostly too slow to dance to. I don’t like that. The DJ changed song too quick too. There were by the way girls in underwear dancing so if you like that then you should go 😛

 IMG_6553 IMG_9985 IMG_9987


– Glen Capri Inn & Suites // This was my motel in Glendale. First of all too expensive but still the cheapest I found and second I think I got a smoking room even though I booked a non-smoking but I’m not sure. The thing is that it mostly smelled when I turned the ac on so I don’t know if it only came from that. Other than that the room was big, clean and I had a comfortable bed. Parking and wifi was free. No breakfast was served but the diner I’ve mentioned was just outside.


– Wisdom tree hike // My friend Erick took me to this hike in Lake Hollywood and it was so beautiful. Felt like the hills were 70 degrees but what do I know haha. It was steep either way. I was dying on the way up because there was no shade and it was super hot. When we finally got up we could rest under the Wisdom tree and enjoy the views of LA. You literally saw all of LA. Even if you’re not used to hike or train you should do this. You don’t want to miss out on it.

 IMG_6616 IMG_6618

– Malibu Beach // You won’t believe it but we saw dolphins here!!! I was so happy! It was the first time I saw dolphins in the ocean. The beach was very nice but in my opinion it looks like all the other beaches in LA. The only different thing was that the road is in the hills and that was amazing. I really love nature so it was perfect to me.


– Venice Beach Blvd // I’ve written about this too before in my post from my trip 5 years ago but this is also a favorite in LA so I gotta tell you about it again. We rented bikes at Santa Monica pier again and rode along the beach, got to the big pier in Venice and then walked through the Blvd and when that ended we rode back to Santa Monica pier. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of doing this activity. I just think it’s so fun, it’s by the beach and I love the boardwalk with all the craziness.

 IMG_0139 IMG_6539 IMG_6545

– 4/20 //Now, if you’re not American or familiar with their holidays you might wonder what this is. Not really an activity but you can make it one 😛 If you’re in California on this day and you smoke weed then it will be perfect for you because that’s what it’s about, weed. Its their weed holiday. Personally I think it’s super weird but I mean it’s America. I tried to find out what it’s all about but seriously it’s about smoking weed together with others. The lines to the green doctors on this day were outside the shops haha. So silly but who am I to judge. I don’t smoke weed so I don’t really care.

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