Ever been to Malta? No? Well, it’s time for you to go! After I moved back home from London I got a summer job in Malta and spent 2 months there. I had never even heard about this beautiful country but I was so happy to go! I went back there in 2014 and attended my friend’s wedding and it was the most beautiful ever.

Since I was working for a language school and with children aged 14-18 we did a lot of activities for kids but I’m going to try to share as much as I can even for adults of course.

When I was living there I was staying at President Hotel in St. Julians and I think it’s only for the schools, not sure though but either way don’t stay there unless you want to see a lot of drunk kids haha. The second time I went I was staying at Dolmen Resort Hotel located in Bugibba. It was such a beautiful hotel with big and clean rooms (many of them with seaview), great breakfast buffet and it had like 3 pools I think and was by the sea. It was so perfect. And Bugibba is a very good area to stay in. There are some shops, restaurants and since Malta is so small you can actually walk to other cities.



So what can you do in Malta? Well, a lot of things!!

Cities to visit:

– Valletta // This is the capital of Malta and a must see. There’s this beautiful park with an amazing sea view, churches worth a visit, and of course shopping. You can not go to Malta and not visit Valletta. Stroll around the long street or why not take a cut down one of the side streets and enjoy the sea breeze.

Malta 301

 Park in Valletta

– Marsaxlokk // If you like fishing then this is where you should go. It’s famous for being a fishing village but I think you should go anyway just to see all the colorful fishing boat. Maybe ask someone if you can go with on the boat.

– Mdina // Mdina is a very old city and it’s called “the silent city”. You’ll actually notice that when you go. It was so peaceful and quiet when I went there. You’ll find a café that offers you a beautiful view of the nature but you should definitely just walk around and enjoy the silence.

– Sliema // Here you’ll find some really good shopping but also a lot of cafés by the water. The best thing is that you can walk from St. Julians’ to Sliema and what a beautiful walk. The promenade is by the water, with lights and benches along the way and the best part is… Gelateria everywhere!! Who doesn’t like Italian ice cream!!

Beaches, Grottos and Island:

– Comino Island, Blue lagoon // Crystal clear water, cliffs and grottos… This is one of the most beautiful islands I’ve ever seen. We took a “yellow fun” boat going there and I think this is the quickest way to get there but it doesn’t stop in the grottos so going to Comino I recommend one of the boats that stops in the grottos because you don’t wanna miss that. And going back from Comino just take the yellow fun. A fun thing about Comino is the fish in the water. It’s that kind of fish that kind of eats your dead skin haha. But it doesn’t hurt of course, it’s a very small fish but it tickles a lot.

Malta 066

Comino Island

– Golden Bay // This is a sandy beach, not too big but quite nice. There are a few restaurants there and it’s easy to reach. The water here is not as clear as the water in Comino but clean and nice to swim in.

– Blue Grotto // Okay, do not miss out on this!!! It’s breathtaking. If you like diving then this is a very good location for that. Can be a bit crowded sometimes but honestly I’d go anyway.

Malta 358

Blue Grotto

 – Mellieha Bay // This is the biggest sandy beach in Malta and can also be a little crowded in the summer but definitely worth a visit. There are some cafés and so here too.

 IMG_1389     Cliff jumping in Bugibba

Other activities:

– Mediterraneo Marine Park // This is mostly fun if you have kids. They have dolphin shows where you also get a chance to swim with them, well if you’re the lucky one they choose from the audience 😉


Marine Park

– Splash & Fun Water Park // Another fun thing to do with kids. It’s a water park with lots of slides and stuff. Sure it’s fun for teenagers and adults too but the park is quite small so after an hour or so you’d pretty much get bored 😛

– Barbarossa Excursion // If you’re going to Malta with your family then take this boat excursion and enjoy the beautiful views. It’ll take you around and who knows what you’ll get to see in the water.


– Paceville // I’ll start with a warning first. This is an area filled with clubs and bars but if you go there in the summer then it’s also gonna be filled with kids aged 14-18. They are in Malta to study english and yes this is where they go in the evenings. Anyway, it’s a good place for barhopping and you can go from club to club.

– Café Del Mar // This is a very nice place with pools and everything is in white. The music is really good and so are the drinks. Only adults here which is very good and it’s not located where everything else is so I guess that’s the reason the kids don’t go there.

10330479_10154293117245392_7057348337735502965_n 10447082_10154293117170392_1981908267431481077_n

Cafe Del Mar


– Isle Of MTV // Woop woop! I’ve been to this once and it was great!!! The artists at that time were Enrique Iglesias, Akon and Maroon 5. What a concert! And the best thing is that it’s for free. You get tokens to buy drinks and water and trust me, you need to stay hydrated because to get a good spot you need to go early and that means it’s hot then. But a must if you go in June.

Malta 188

– Village Festas // This is actually another fun thing about Malta. So each village celebrates a Saint and they have music, beer tents and fireworks. I think it’s every weekend in July I. Don’t really remember but if you wanna experience it I’m pretty sure it’s easy to find out.

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