Me, myself & I

Buhhuuuu I was so sad when my sister left. Don’t even know when I will get to see her again =( Hopefully soon, but some friends have said they are coming to visit so that’s good. At least I will get to see someone =)

So, what have I been up to these two days here all alone?

Me and my sister met a girl named Nikki when we were at Fraser Island. She was in our tour group and said she was coming to Brisbane soon. So on Thursday when I was taking my sister to the train station we accidentally met Nikki outside. She had texted me before saying she would come Thursday but had no idea where she would stay and it turned out she was only 10 mins from my apartment =)


Nikki to the left =)

Anyway, I had some things to do during the day so I went in to the city then did some grocery shopping. Just boring things.. Met up with Nikki for dinner in the evening and we went to a Japanese restaurant called Harajuku Gyoza. Never going there again!!! When someone enters the whole staff literally screams in Japanese, I assume they greet you. When someone orders sake, they scream a song, when someone leaves they scream again. It was soooo annoying. And the food? The dumplings were very, very good but my noodles with chicken were without taste. I couldn’t finish it so I ordered more dumplings instead haha. Luckily, I had great company so we did have a nice time =)

 IMG_6261 IMG_6207

Pictures from our walk. It wasn’t that dark, the pic is instagram filtered =)

On Friday I met up with Nikki in the morning and she wanted me to show her around a bit. I’m not very good at Brisbane but I tried my best haha. We walked to Botanic Gardens, from there to South Bank, then Kangaroo Point and back home crossing the Story Bridge. We walked about 17km that day so when I got home I fell asleep haha. I was really exhausted. But, we only stayed at home for like 2-3 hours because then we were going out again. Some of her roommates joined us and we walked to the ferry station close to us and took the Cityhooper, which is a free ferry on the Brisbane river, and just enjoyed the beautiful city at night. So beautiful with the lights and skyscrapers =) After that we just went home but it was quite late anyway.

 IMG_6255 IMG_6242

Unfortunately Nikki is leaving Brisbane today so I won’t see her again. I will try to join her on one of her stops along the coast but I need to get some things sorted out here first =)

Today I’m thinking about walking over to James Street and have a stroll there, no plans for the evening yet =)

Bye for now!

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