Midwest USA part 2

This post will be about Bozeman MT and Yellowstone National Park WY. 

Day 1 – Bozeman: We picked up our car at Bozeman airport and it was rented from Budget. We got a Ford Fiesta which was a good size for two persons. The price was good but since we wanted to drop it off in Albuquerque NM we had to pay an extra 399 dollar. From here we drove to Super 8 Bozeman where we had a reservation. The reason to why we stayed here and didn’t drive to West Yellowstone on the first day is because we arrived late in the evening and we knew we’d be exhausted from a long day of traveling.


– Super 8 Bozeman // The motel was clean and pretty good and the staff was very friendly and helpful. We had our room a few floors up and there was no elevator so it was exhausting getting our heavy bags up. Try to request a room on the ground or first floor if you’re bringing a large bag. The room was a bit too cold but luckily there was a heater. And we got continental breakfast which was pretty okay. I recommend this motel if you have a short stay in Bozeman because it’s cheap, there’s free parking, wifi and breakfast included.

IMG_3984 IMG_3991

On the road from Bozeman MT to West Yellowstone WY (our rental)

Day 2 to 5 – West Yellowstone: We got up really early, had breakfast and started driving towards West Yellowstone where we had a reservation for three nights. The reason we chose three nights is because people who had been to Yellowstone recommended a stay of 3-5 days. We had a tight schedule and couldn’t spend too many days there so we decided to stay three and it was perfect. One more day and we’d be bored.


– Traveler’s Lodge // This motel was of middle size and we were lucky to have a room on the ground floor. The parking was free and we could park the car just outside the room. The wifi was not very good where our room was located. The closer you were to the lobby the better it was. Breakfast was not included but we found the perfect bakery so that didn’t bother us. Our room was in a good size, clean and with a comfortable bed.

Restaurant & Café:

West Yellowstone is a very small town but it has plenty of restaurants and they are quite similar all of them. You could basically eat wherever you want because the food is kind of the same. We didn’t eat at any particular place so I can’t recommend a restaurant in West Yellowstone.


Taco salad at one of the restaurants

– Woodside Bakery // Makes me happy just by thinking about this bakery haha! We found it by random and oh my, the breakfast they have is best! You order what you want by ticking on a list, so mix as you wish, and then they make it all fresh and you received it warm and delicious. What’s very good with Woodside bakery is that it opens very early in the morning so if you’re planning to enter the park early then no need to worry about the breakfast.


Croissant with egg & bacon

– Librarie The Book Peddler // We found this café by accident. It’s inside a shop and that’s the reason we entered. At the back of the shop you’ll find this pretty little café with friendly staff. They don’t have many options but still enough for you to buy something. We went there twice and loved sitting there watching the interior decorations.


The Book Peddler

– In the park // If you want to eat at Yellowstone National Park then there are a few places with restaurants such as Mammoth Hot Springs Area and Old Faithful area. The problem though is that if you want to eat lunch then there’s a big chance it’ll be crowded wherever you go. We had some snacks with us but no lunch and we at Mammoth but if you don’t want to spend too much money then hamburger or sandwich is your option. I recommend brining your own lunch.


This is probably not what you plan to do but I have to mention it because in West Yellowstone they have a lot of jewelry shops and they are so special because a lot is handmade. They are very beautiful so at least have a look. The owners will tell you where it’s all from and what it’s made of.

Yellowstone National Park:

Finally to the main subject. Yellowstone NP is huge, literally huge. There’s no way you’ll see it all no matter how long you stay. What we did was getting a map from the Tourist Information at the west entrance and they marked out the main attractions for us. So we drove from point to point and hiked if necessary. Be aware of the animals though because they are on the road sometimes.

     IMG_5632 IMG_5586


You will see a lot of Bisons but don’t get too close. We did pass one very closely but not on purpose. We were hiking and suddenly it was just there staring at us. We didn’t talk, didn’t stare at it and passed it very quietly and it didn’t move. If you see a bear it’s very important you make noise, scream bear or something because then it will go away (unless it’s very close to you then you’re dead haha). We saw one black bear but from very far away and even that was scary haha. You’ll see some other animals too and it’s so lovely to walk in that nature seeing them.


As you see the bear is very far away but I was happy with that distance

Yellowstone NP has many amazingly beautiful spots and try to google them before you go there. We stopped in many places, as many as we could, and we realized that some were just like others. There are plenty of geysers and try to focus on seeing the large ones. The small ones are super small. There are areas with a lot of them and those are worth a visit! Old Faithful and Mammoth hot springs are the most famous ones.

    IMG_5551 IMG_5641

Hot springs                                       Old Faithful

You need to see all the beautiful waterfalls too. Make it a habit that when you see a lot of cars stopping somewhere, you stop too because there is for sure something you need to see there. We hiked to Fairy Falls and it took us around 2hrs. From the Fairy Falls we climbed up to the most spectacular view point I’ve ever seen. It was a geyser in beautiful colors.

  IMG_5607 IMG_5617 IMG_5623

                       Fairy Falls                                         View point                                                   How beautiful!

I’ll add some random pictures of the park and you’ll get an idea of what it’s like there. I just loved it because of it’s beauty and it was great walking around in the nature and enjoying the quite atmosphere and fresh air.

  IMG_5473  IMG_5496 IMG_5703 

IMG_5513 IMG_5525
IMG_5728 IMG_5597 IMG_5486

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