Midwest USA part 4

The roadtrip continues!

Day 7 to 9 – Moab UT, Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park and Dead Horse State Park: 

We arrived early in the day to Moab and checked in at the motel as usual, grabbed our backpacks and took off to Arches National Park. It was so hot here but I loved it! We had three cold days in Yellowstone so it was really nice to feel the heat. We spent first half day in Arches but were so hungry (no restaurants in this park) so we didn’t have the time to see everything and therefore we went back the day after to finish, and that same day we went to Canyonlands NP and Dead Horse SP. All three parks are very close to Moab so it’s the perfect city to stay in. And there’s everything in Moab, shops, restaurants, bars, shopping.


Yeehaaaww Moab Style


– Apache Motel // We stayed here for two nights and the receptionist was so kind to us because we arrived a bit too early for check in so we left our bags there and she actually took them to our room when it was time for check in. We were in Arches at that moment. The room was huge and the bathroom was also in a very good size. We had two queen beds which was super nice. We had a fridge and a microwave which was perfect because the breakfast was not good so we bought food from the supermarket and kept in the fridge. And since Arches didn’t have a restaurant we bought lunch to bring with us too. The motel has free parking and it’s close to the little city center in a very quiet area. Just like all our other motels this one has got a pool too.


– Sabaku Sushi // We spent two days in Moab and this is the only restaurant we went to haha. Some of the best sushi I’ve ever had!! I loved the place and the staff was super friendly and service minded. We had a seat at the bar and we got our own sushi chef so he made whatever we wanted. The prices are pretty good so no matter what your budget is you can afford it.

National Parks:

 IMG_5980 IMG_5973 IMG_4161

– Arches National Park // Arches NP is very beautiful with the red/orange color, the arches and cliffs. We hiked for around 3hrs here and in 38 degrees celsius (hot!!) but wow, it was amazing. You don’t really need a map here because there is only one road and there are signs to follow to see the arches. If you hike then follow the small rocks that are placed on top of each other and you can’t get lost. Super easy! And something that is good with this park is that it’s not very crowded if you go when the weather is a bit warmer as people think it’s too hot to be there. Don’t forget water!

 IMG_5889 IMG_5892 IMG_5865

   IMG_5903 IMG_5956 IMG_5917

– Canyonlands National Park // This very close to Arches but don’t do what we did if you want to go hiking here. We went there a after half a day in Arches and we were exhausted. We drove to a few places just to get a nice view and see some of the main attractions and then we left. I wish we knew about Canyonlands before we came to Moab but it was actually a salesman who told us about it! So, a day in Arches, a day in Canyonlands and half day in Dead Horse is probably good.

 IMG_5999 IMG_5989 IMG_4229

– Dead Horse State Park // Tired as we were we came here as well on the same day as Arches and Canyonlands. The salesman told us about this park too. We went to see one of the main attractions and then we left haha. By the way, if you have a yearly pass for the national parks then it’s not working in this one. You have to pay to enter and it’s around 10 dollars for everyone in the car. Loved this view on the picture with the Colorado river.


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