Midwest USA part 5

Let’s continue to Zion National Park and Sedona. Las Vegas was in between those but I’ve already written about that.

Day 9 to 11 – Hurricane UT, Zion National Park: The drive from Moab to Zion was a couple of hours but we only did short stops to stretch out our legs. We stayed in Hurricane for two nights as we read that two days in Zion is perfect. There was a problem though and I’ll tell you about it further down. I can say the at least, we didn’t go back to the park, we ended up in the town St. George for shopping.



– Super 8 // Super 8 in Hurricane is within good distance to Zion NP. It’s also close to St. George if you want to do some shopping (not he best but I’m sure you’ll find some good things). The room was very clean and tidy, good size and the breakfast is continental like usual. Very friendly and helpful staff. I recommend it if you’re visiting Zion. There are a few restaurants just outside the hotel so no need to drive somewhere else.

National Park:

– Zion National Park // So we got to Zion and started in the information service to find out where to go and what the main attractions are. We told the lady we were planning to spend two days there so no need to rush through things. The problem was though that the lady told us a thunderstorm was coming haha. She suggested we’d take the tour bus in the park to have the time to see the main attractions if it wouldn’t be possible to go back the day after. So we did that and it was good. I really think everybody should unless you want to hike. You can get off at any stop and you don’t have to wait too long for the next bus. The funny thing is that on our way back to the car, sitting on the bus, the thunderstorm started! We had strong winds and rain to begin with and on our way back to the motel we saw the lightning from far. As soon as we got in our room it started like crazy haha. All in all, we only spent that day in the park. The weather was no good the day after but I’m happy we saw the most important parts of the park. This park is amazing with a mix of waterfalls, mountains, a river and greenery. Oh, and if you’re lucky you’ll see an animal or two. 🙂

 IMG_6036 IMG_4248 IMG_6043

 IMG_6069 IMG_6049


– St. George Town // St. George is not too far from Hurricane and basically the only nearby town that has everything you need. We did some shopping at Target and the other typical Americans’ shops. Fun though because we’d only been to Premium Outlets on this trip so it was a bit of a contrast.

Day 14 to 15 – Sedona AZ: So, after two great thunderstorm days in Hurricane we continued to Las Vegas for three super nights and from there to Sedona AZ. Sedona is very beautiful and in some way it’s a mix of Arches and Zion. The small town is so pretty with the restaurants, all the flowers and nice hotels. Here you can choose different sights as there is a lot to see.


– Super 8 // Another Super 8. I’m sure you’re tired of hearing about them so I won’t write anything particular about this one as it was just like the others except a bit too expensive. We didn’t have a cheaper option unfortunately.


– Rock Slide State Park // We chose to visit the Rock Slide State Park (fee to enter) and it was very nice. Not big though so that made us a little bit disappointed but it was nice to see anyway. We laughed a lot at the people who slipped in the water because the rocks are so slippery. And if you go to the top then you can slide all the way down. The water was freezing so we skipped it.

 IMG_6175 IMG_6161

 IMG_6182 IMG_6178 IMG_6180

– Sunset View Point // There are many view points in Sedona and this one is at Airport road. I think it’s the most famous one there and when we got there it was crowded. It was a beautiful sunset and we stayed a while to get some photos of the view.

 IMG_6123 IMG_6147 IMG_6154

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