Midwest USA part 6

We have come to and end 😛 This post is actually not about parks but it was a part of the trip and that’s why I include it.

From Sedona we drove to Scottsdale AZ for two nights, Phoenix AZ for one night then continued to New Mexico but had a night stop in Holbrook AZ before we arrived to Albuquerque NM.

Our first plan was to continue to Saguaro NP from Scottsdale and Phoenix, then drive through New Mexico and finish in Albuquerque. But a friend who was with us in Scottsdale suggested we’d skip that part since Saguaro NP is all about cactuses and we’d seen a lot of them in Arizona plus it would be another super long drive and we were a bit tired of that. So our new plan was the one you see above.

Day 15 to 17 – Scottsdale AZ: I didn’t have much expectations when I got to Scottsdale as it was my friend who made us go there because he said that’s where everything is. It turned out great!! It’s very beautiful and I love the buildings in the center. A lot of art and handicraft shops and many of the pretty shops sells selfmade things. There is a big shopping center with some good shops but I wasn’t very impressed anyway. I loved the outdoor much more. I really think if you’re nearby then stay at least one night in Scottsdale.

   IMG_6193 IMG_4544


– Hotel Valley Ho // This hotel was so good in many ways. The staff was super friendly and helpful. The room we had was huge with two queen size beds and a bathroom with both shower and a bathtub. The pool area was great with a bar and servers who brought water all the time and kept asking if we were doing good. Loved everything about it and highly recommend it! Restaurants, art shops and galleries and bars are within walking distance.

  IMG_4543 IMG_4528


– Malees Thai Bistro // Delicious food, good location and such a good service. The staff was so friendly and helpful. The food was among the best Thai dishes I’ve had. The interior is simple but somehow cosy. I strongly and highly recommend this place!

– Sushi Roku // Sushi Roku was expensive and honestly nothing special. You’d have to order two portions to feel enough satisfied. The main courses though are a bit better. Quite much food and pricy. The staff was friendly and it’s a nice place. One funny thing is that when you are being directed to your table all the chefs yell: Hey!

IMG_4556 IMG_4555 IMG_4549

Random pictures of Scottsdale (Yes there’s a shisha café hihi)

Day 17 to 18 – Phoenix AZ: Never going back there again! It was the most boring big city I’ve ever been to. There’s nothing to do there, literally nothing! When we walked around we really regret not staying in Scottsdale but we had already paid for the motel and so.



– Super 8 Downtown // It was so hot in the room and especially the bathroom. We turned the ac on but it shut down after a while and the sink in the bathroom was leaking. It’s good we only stayed one night and I have to say that this was not a good Super 8 Motel.


– Compass Room // This is at the Hyatt Regency Hotel. I had a drink and dessert and I have to say that the dessert (3 different Creme brûlée) was not very tasteful. The drink was good but the sitting area (lounge) for drinks only looks tacky and is not as fancy as the restaurant part. The view was quite nice but as for a place to just have drinks then I don’t recommend it. I don’t know what the food is like so no comment on that.

 IMG_4575 IMG_4578 IMG_4569

Compass Room at Hyatt Regency

Day 18 to 19 – Holbrook AZ: Uhm.. This is a very tiny, little town with nothing to do haha. When we drove through we were so shocked of where we had ended up haha. But I mean, it’s also an experience 😛 If you desperately need somewhere to stay for just a night then fine go to Holbrook but arrive late in the evening and leave early in the morning. The weird thing is that it’s on route 66 so a lot of tourists stay here and still there’s nothing to do or see.


– Motel 6 // This motel was quite okay. I prefer Super 8. The room was pretty small and we had twin beds which was nice. Parking and wifi for free, no breakfast though. But that was not an issue as there was a restaurant just outside.


– Denny’s // We had dinner and breakfast here. The service was super good and so was both dinner and breakfast. When we went there in the evening a bus of Asians arrived. They were all seated around us, around 15 of them, and thank God we had finished our food because the were farting and burting! So disgusting haha!!!

Day 19 to 20 – Albuquerque NM: We arrived to Albuquerque early in the day, checked in and then went out. The receptionist advised us to go to downtown and Old town so we did that. He marked out on a map where to park the car in downtown and said we could walk to old town. I was so irritated with him afterwards haha. We did as he told us but downtown empty with people and everything else. There’s nothing to do there! And while we walked through people were fighting so the area scared us a bit haha. Finally arrived to old town and we loved it. So all on all, if you visit Albuquerque go to the Old Town and avoid Downtown.

 IMG_4613 IMG_4612



– Ramada Airport Hotel // A very big hotel with good standard. Breakfast, parking and wifi included which was good. Our room was on the ground floor which was super since we had a lot of bags. We returned our car the evening before leaving to the airport and the hotel’s shuttle service picked us up and then the day after they drove us to the airport. That’s what I call good service!


– Old Town // Wow how cosy and Mexican! I loved it but it was very small so we finished there early. I think we arrived a little bit late though because the shops started closing around that time. There are some Mexican restaurants, pretty cafés and so. I suggest you go around midday or even earlier so you can take your time, have a coffee somewhere, maybe lunch and have a look in the shops. The whole area is very nice.

  IMG_4621 IMG_4623 IMG_6195

Old Town

That’s all about this roadtrip! But stay updated because a new one is coming up in two weeks! 😀

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