Mixed destinations

Hey =)

I was looking at some pictures from some of my trips and just realized that I can’t share them with you because I don’t remember where I stayed or where I ate haha. Therefore there’s no point to write about them so I’m just going to let you know where I’ve been and if you’re curious about the destination itself then feel free to ask in the comments 🙂

– Turkey // Side, Bodrum, Alanya and Kusadasi. I’ve also been to Pamukkale and Efes which are famous main attractions in Turkey that you got to visit if you are nearby. Kusadasi is so far my favorite place in Turkey. The city center is amazingly beautiful with seafood restaurants by the ocean, cafés and restaurants on the beach boardwalk and there’s of course plenty of shops.

1391486_10153414914365392_1881241295_n 1461249_10153414915445392_895727669_n 1426396_10153414915910392_205978312_n


– Germany // Gutersloh, Giesen, Paderborn and Hannover. Just family visits so nothing I really recommend and besides these cities are not very big and there’s nto much to do there.

– Bulgaria // Sunny Beach. I went there when they started selling charter to Bulgaria and it was actually good. I didn’t really like the beach so we mostly spent time by the pool. The city center was quite big with a lot of shops. We also did some day trips to Varna and Sofia. Both very beautiful places.

– Denmark // Copenhagen and Aalborg. I actually spent three weeks in Aalborg and the town is so pretty. The houses in the city center are in different colors and it has such a small and cute feeling about it. The shopping is good here! Copenhagen is also a very beautiful city and Tivoli is really nice too.


Tivoli Copenhagen

– Italy // Milano. Not a city I want to go back to. Milano was not very special to me. I like cities that can offer some sightseeing or at least have historical buildings and so but the only thing we saw was Duomo. Very beautiful. Unfortunately I never went to the harbor which I heard is really nice so I’m probably not the right person to ask about Milano.

– Spain // Tenerife. This was a charter trip with some friends. I didn’t really want to go there but we did it anyway. The beach was cool with the black sand but the water (atlantic ocean) was freezing haha. So after a day we stayed by the pool. There are plenty of restaurants by the beach which is nice and the city center is very beautiful too.

215 234


– Mexico // Playa Del Carmen. Oh this paradise! How wonderful is Mexico? I loved everything about it. We lived very close to the beach and in the center of their little town. The food is so good everywhere and the clubs are crazy. There is a very good restaurant located on the beach and you can actually choose to sit on the beach and have your dinner. They also have a bellydancer in the evenings 😉

 313176_10150869251885392_1985677080_n 320070_10150869249605392_444257325_n IMG_2466

Playa del Carmen

– UK // Oxford. Little Harry Potter world. It’s such beautiful, historical little town. When I was there it felt like I was in a Harry Potter movie because all of a sudden plenty of kindergarten kids in capes passed me and then a group of dwarfs (little people, omg what word is okay to use?) dressed in similar clothes like the children passed me too. And the weather was very dull, cloudy and gray so it was just a perfect set for a scene haha.

So these are the destinations I*ve been to but won’t spend time doing single posts about. If you have any questions at all then please ask and I’ll try to share more information. =)

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