Moreton Island

We have now come to another amazingly beautiful sand island here in the Australian east coast. Moreton Island is the third biggest sand island in the world. Again, cool? Yup! Haha.


Me and sister had planned to stay for two days but unfortunately it was not dolphin season and we’d already seen whales so we took a day tour. We chose a good company, Sunset Safaris, that offered transportation to the ferry, with the ferry and on the island. Activities were included, such as snorkeling, kayaking and sand boarding. Our guide was Andrew who was super fun and kind. We met another guide on the island too who was with us on the snorkeling and kayaking. So that’s actually what we started with. We were taken to the part of the beach where a shipwreck was in the water. The tour guides gave us a quick briefing on how to kayak and this is the awesome part.. the kayak were see through!! So while we were kayaking we saw the fish under us hihi. The closer we got to the shipwreck the more fish there was. I loved it!!!


After the kayaking we did som snorkeling in the shipwreck area and we got to feed the fish so they were like attacking us haha. It was a great experience and I will definitely do some snorkeling here again but next time at the great barrier reef =)

We had some lunch before getting on the 4WD bus and taken to the desert where we were doing the sand boarding. I started but oh God, I didn’t get anywhere haha. My board was so bad that I only got halfway and then it stopped. We all laughed so much. My sister and two other guys had the best ones so every time they went they got all the way down. It was quite a steep hill and that made it all fun. I managed on my their attempt but then I didn’t go up again, I was happy with that haha. I was dying just from walking up that sandy hill. Do you know how tough it is haha.


So unfortunatley I don’t have many pictures to share for this post as I took most of them with my gopro and I don’t have them in my computer yet. But of course I will show you whenever I have them. For now you’re just going to have to enjoy the beautiful beach =)

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