New Hotel

Ugghhh we cancelled our hotel reservation and will book a new one. It was a bit weird because they wouldn’t have any receptionist except office hours and also, we would have to clean the room ourselves =/ I found out about this after the booking was confirmed. We wouldn’t have wifi either which we need of course. Anyway, we’ve found 2-3 new ones so I just need to pick one of them (they are so nice!).

I haven’t been working since the end of May by the way and I love it haha. I feel so good again I actually forgot how it was to have a normal life. I used to work 10-12 hours and sometimes get up at 3 am for those who don’t know me. During my time off I’ve been focusing on emptying my apartment and 28th of June it all has to be cleaned and empty for the new owners. I’m also going to take a course at the university so CSN (Swedish student aid) can give me my loan for Australia. Ugh so boring! Other than that I’m going to Cluj-Napoca soon again for my sister’s graduation and hopefully somewhere else too in July. But we’ll see 🙂 Hope you’re all doing good and thanks for reading my blog 😀


Going to be so fat in Australia hihi

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