New York City part 2

Part 2 is continuing with things to do in New York and shopping tips 🙂 I’ve added some events to it too.


– Central park // Yes this is a park everyone visits but what I want to advice about is that take your time, walk around, have picnic and please just enjoy central park. A lot of people who go there just take a short walk through and then they’re done. Trust me, you should spend a few hours there to see as much as possible.

                                 318329_10150868259350392_937023036_n       IMG_4781

Central Park

– Top of the Rock // So I know that the top of Empire State is where you should go to get a nice view of New York City but you don’t have as nice view as if you go to the Top of The Rock (Rockefeller Center). From here you’ll see Central Park and it’s so beautiful from above because you’ll see all these tall buildings and in the middle of everything you have greenery. If you visit Empire State you’ll only see buildings so I definitely recommend The Rock instead. 

– Little Italy // Unfortunately there’s not much left of Little Italy because the Chinese are taking over those parts as well. There are some restaurants and so but I don’t find it very special so this is not an area you really have to see. Of course if you’re going to Chinatown then sure, have a walk through.

– Chinatown // Crowded, creepy Chinese people whispering in your ear and annoying sellers… As you may have noticed, I don’t like Chinatown 😉 They are selling fake stuff everywhere and they are really irritating when they are all of a sudden behind you, whispering in your ear and asking if you want a massage. Like, what? It’s feels dirty and it’s smelling bad in some places. I guess Chinatown is a place everybody should visit but yeah, I don’t like it.

– World Trade Center Site // It can be hard to get tickets to enter if you go when it’s peak season so I booked my tickets before I went to New York. It takes some time to get in because of the security but it’s totally worth it. They’ve made a very beautiful memorial site of Ground Zero and it really gives you gooseflesh to see all the names on the stones.


 World Trade Center Site

– Ripley’s Believe It or Not // Such a fun place! If you like museums like Madame Tussaud’s then go to Ripley’s. I had so much fun in there and you’ll see the craziest things ever.

– Brooklyn Bridge & Brooklyn Bridge Park // Yes, you have to cross the bridge. It’s just something a tourist has to do in New York. I took the subway to the park and then from there we crossed the bridge. Again, peak season = crowd. So, try to go when New Yorkers aren’t on their way to or home from work because that means even more people on the bridge. The park is very beautiful too and it’ll give you a wonderful view of New York skyline.


                                                                           Brooklyn Bridge Park

– Coney Island & Brighton Beach // This is a place not many tourists visits but I think that if you have the time, then go. It takes about an hour with the subway from central Manhattan so depending on where you’re staying it can take more or less time. This is a long beach with a pier and a small amusement park. It’s a perfect place to visit if you feel that the rush in New York is a bit too much and you need a calmer atmosphere. There are restaurants and cafés there so don’t worry about that.

 The High Line // This is an old freight rail line that has been built into a public park. Guess what? Crowdeeeeddd! Haha. It’s a nice place but not a must to visit. The park is not really wide so if there’s too much people then you’re gonna have stop and wait a couple of times. It’s not very long either so it goes quite quick to walk there and see it all.


The High Line

– Bryant Park // Bryant Park is not very big but for some reason it’s one of my favorite parks in New York. I just love how businessmen and women go to the park, have a seat in of the green chairs and just reading a newspaper or having a coffee. It’s so New York in some way and I guess that’s what I love about it.

– Battery Park City // If you don’t feel like taking the boat to the Statue of Liberty then go to this place. It’s a beautiful promenade by the Hudson river and it’ll give you a view of the statue.

– South Street Seaport // This is located by the harbor and it’s so cozy with the boats, shops, museums and restaurants. You can just have a walk and look around or maybe eat lunch by the river.

– Cannon’s Walk // Cannon’s walk is located close to Seaport and it’s a very nice street, not very big but it’s also with shops, cafés and it has quite a big market. I really like both Cannon’s walk and Seaport. It’s a bit different compared to the rest of Manhattan.

– Statue of liberty                                                                     – Empire State Building

– Times Square                                                                        – Metropolitan Museum of Art

– American Museum of Natural History

47025_10150286358095392_1921243_n  61543_10150274021595392_1806429_n

                                      Times Square                                       Statue of Liberty


– American football // We watched Jets vs. Jaguars and it was really fun actually. The arena was full and everybody was in such good mood. It was hard to understand the game but there were some guys behind explaining everything. Confusing but I think we got it haha.

– Baseball // Wooohhh this was so boring haha! Slowest game ever. It was a Yankee game but there was not much people there and people were not in the same mood as during the football game. Completely different atmosphere.




– Macy’s // Of course you’re going here but go to the information, bring your passport with you and they’ll give you an extra discount coupon. Usually they have great offers some weekends but an extra discount is always good.

– Century 21 // An outlet in central Manhattan. The prices are so so, it’s always crowded and it’s quite messy in the clothes department. You can find nice things but then you have to look really good.

– M&M World // I’m only mentioning this because I love M&Ms hihi. You’ll find at Times Square.


– Diamond District // If you need diamonds, gold, silver or any jewelries then this street is perfect for you. You can also get really good deals on diamonds.

– Woodbury Common // This is an outlet located in New Jersey and I think it’s really good. They have all kinds of brands and very good prices. Most of the time they have extra offers beyond the outlet prices. There are daily buses from Manhattan and it takes around 1,5 hours to get there. I guess depending on the traffic. You’ll need a whole day there so plan it properly.


                                                                           Woodbury Common shopping


– Labor Day // I’ve been to one Labor Day carnival and it was in Brooklyn. It was so great! Very nice to watch and there was so much people, food from all over the world and everyone was so happy. I loved it!! If you go to New York when labor day is then ask the hotel concierge if there is a carnival or some other kind of public celebration and join it!


Labor Day Carnival in Brooklyn

– Festa di San Gennaro // This is a festival in Little Italy and they are celebrating a saint. It was fun with all the people, the tivoli games and celebrations. It was crowded but not in a way that bothers. And there was no problem getting a reservation at one of the Italian restaurants even though there was so much people.

Something else I need to share is that if you like stand up comedy then buy tickets for Comic Strip. We had five comedians and I hadn’t laughed that hard in a long time. You can just have a drink if you want but they have snacks too! The comedians here are not just anyone. They have been on tv a few times, so a bit famous and there’s a board showing what celebrity comedians have had their stand up there! Quite cool 🙂


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