Noosa Heads

Destination number 2!

I took the Greyhound from Australia Zoo to Noosa Heads on the same day because there was no point in staying somewhere in that area =) I had booked a room at Noosa Backpackers Hostel (why?!), which is located in Noosaville and when I got there I was disgusted like hell haha!! Okay, so now those who know me probably wonder why I did it and it was because I was traveling alone and thought it’s a very good way to meet people on. Anyhow, the room smelled hmm… a mix of sweat, dirty clothes and musty. There were bags and clothes all over the room and the first look of it was just horrible. I stayed there 3 nights and I kind of got used to it already after the first night so it was quite okay. And the other girls in the room were so friendly that i didn’t mind being there at all.

I didn’t do much on the first day because I arrived around 6 pm and was super tired from the day at the zoo so I basically stayed in the room with the other girls, chatting and reading my book. Fell asleep quite early but didn’t sleep good at all. I think I just wasn’t used to sharing room with 4 others and couldn’t relax so much hehe.

On my second day I decided to be lazy and lay on the beach as long as possible. I took the shuttle from the hostel (they offer it for free, perfect!!) and walked down Hasting St, bought some breakfast and then walked over to Main Beach. First of all, Hasting St is soooooooo beautiful. I loved it! Could walk up and down and never get tired of it. Next time I’m going (yes I will go back) I need to stay there!. So, yeah I went to the beach, walked along it and where it was quite empty I laid down and stayed for about 4-5 hours. It was so nice, I totally loved it! After that I walked back to Hasting St, did some shopping, had dinner/lunch at Thai @ Hastings which is on the food court in Bayvillage. I took the last shuttle back to the hostel and relaxed with the other girls.

 14224756_10157372155085392_5987884287707535549_n 14237564_10157372154690392_7790985345276543538_n

I didn’t really spend time with anyone else during the day because we all had our own plans and I didn’t want to miss out on mine since I only had two full days there so we just met at the hostel. But I did speak to people here and there which was nice =)

My third day was a little bit cloudy but still hot so I went back to Hasting St with the shuttle, had breakfast at Café le Monde  and then walked over to Noosa Heads National Park. This was one of the most beautiful walks, no sorry, probably the most beautiful walks I’ve ever done. It was along the ocean and the views were spectacular. I wish I wasn’t so tired and actually spent all day there but I walked about 9km and was exhausted from that haha. My day didn’t end there though. I had lunch again at Thai @ Hastings (was so good!!!) and then I remembered I wanted to see the Laguna Lookout. Started walking towards it, without checking how far it was, and after about 45mins I got there haha. And it was a very, very beautiful view but I only stayed a few minutes because I didn’t want to walk through the park in the dark all alone. Cars wouldn’t see me and yeah, there are animals there haha!! I actually wanted to go back to the beach and watch the sunset but it started raining a little bit and I was cold and soooooo tired so I catched the last shuttle and went back to the hostel.

   14237560_10157372135290392_2833855104322198718_n 14222280_10157372133585392_8047803099163196277_n 14212168_10157372156810392_2883219170437326605_n

Departure day!! Buhu, I really didn’t want to leave Noosa =( I walked to the river which was very close to the hostel and on the way I got a very good tips on a breakfast spot from an older couple. I went to Sirocco, had breakfast with the river view, met the couple there again, had a lovely chat and then walked all the way to the bus station. It was a 45min walk, I died (I know I’m lazy!) but still did some shopping in Noosa Junction Plaza and then waited for the bus that was 40mins delayed. Blaaahhh! Luckily there was a lot of other people there taking the same bus so that was nice =)

And where was I going next?

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