North Stradbroke Island

World’s second largest sand island, North Stradbroke Island. Now I’ve been to the three largest hihi =)

It was quite spontaneous as I decided on Saturday to actually go there. It took me an hour with the train from the Valley and then ferry for 25mins. It’s nice to go just for the day and come back to my own bed in the evening. When I got to Cleveland I actually had to take a bus for like 7mins to get to the ferry but I couldn’t find the bus stop (stupid me, it was just around the corner) and so I started walking and ended up talking to Jan whom I spent the whole day with. We explored the island by using their public transportation which runs like every 30mins or less haha. It was a bit annoying actually because we had to wait for so long. Anyway it was an amazing island with crystal clear water, beautiful nature, amazing sunset and cutest koalas ever!!! First time I saw wild ones hihi.

 IMG_7118 IMG_7128 IMG_7135

We took a swim in the Frenchman beach and it was not very cold actually. I thought I would freeze to death haha. It was such great day and the island was more beautiful than I expected. We didn’t have time to go to the national park sadly because we kind of needed a car to get there. But maybe another time =)

 IMG_7623 IMG_7619

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