Palm Springs

Super hot in the desert!! But, I loved it 🙂

I went to Palm Springs for one night to meet up with my lovely friend Lucino. It was Coachella weekend so a lot of parties everywhere. He took med to two day parties at hotels which was so fun! And afterwards we did something amazing which I’m going to tell you more about.


– Palm Mountain Resort & Spa // Lucino recommended me actually to stay at this hotel and it was a very good choice. A quite big resort and it’s in the most perfect location, downtown! I had walking distance to the main street with shops, restaurants and cafés. I loved it. My room turned out to be super big with a king size bed. The hotel has a pool but unfortunately no breakfast. That would have been nice to have if I had stayed longer because it’s just a hassle to leave for breakfast and then go back again for the pool. I was there one night only so I had breakfast at a diner after check out and that was completely fine. The hotel also has free parking for guest.

  IMG_0074 IMG_0072 IMG_0073

My room. The bathroom was huge.


– Sherman’s Deli & Bakery // In between our parties we had to eat of course. So we went to Sherman’s which is a Kosher restaurant. The menu has a good variety of dishes and I had a meatloaf hamburger with potato fries which I recommend. It was very good. Lucino had a BLT which he also recommends 😉 The food came out quick even though the restaurant was packed and that was so good because I was starving at that moment. Good prices!

– Ruby’s Diner // I had breakfast at Ruby’s Diner just before leaving Palm Springs and I really liked the interior. There was a train rail hanging from the ceiling and the train was driving around in circles, I kind of liked it. Very good breakfast (see picture below) and good prices.


You’ll see more of this haha.


– Hilton Hotel // Wrong headline for this but I didn’t really know what to use 😛 Our first day party was at the Hilton. It was in the pool area and it was very good. A lot of people, good music and they were handing out free towels, glasses and other stuff (always fun with free haha!). We spent a few hours there and then took of to Sherman’s before party number 2…

 IMG_0010 IMG_0020 IMG_6559

– Saguaro Hotel // which was at the Saguaro Hotel. I liked this hotel way much more because it was so colorful! And the pool was bigger than the Hilton’s. Good music here too, nice atmosphere and not as crowded as the Hilton.

 IMG_0034 IMG_0049

– Palm Springs Aerial Tramway // Now this is the amazing thing we did! We took the tram up to the mountains (freezing cold by the way) and had the most spectacular view all the way up there. I can’t even describe with words and the pictures are not being fair either. You need to experience it to understand how beautiful it is. Some moments were a little bit scary because the tram moved a little bit too much, but that’s normal. We weren’t really prepared for it haha. We payed 21 per person because it was the Twilight price but I think it’s like 25 during daytime. You can actually go hiking here or climb the mountains. There are also restaurants and a bar.

 IMG_6585 IMG_6579IMG_6581

How beautiful?

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