C’est la vie!

I’ve been to Paris twice for a weekend and once for just a day. Even though it was plenty of sightseeing each time I kind of didn’t get tired of it. It was nice to experience it all a second time. Paris is like London, every tourist knows where to go and that to see so I thought I’d mention the famous places but try to give you other tips too.


– New Hotel Saint Lazare // This hotel is located close to the metro station Saint-Lazare. It’s within walking distance to Moulin Rouge, Sacre Coeur and the whole Montmartre area. The standard of the hotel is very much okay and I do recommend you to stay there. No breakfast was included but there is the best bakery nearby that I will advice about further down. The room was quite okay in size, clean, bed was quite comfortable and the bathroom had a good size too.

Unfortunately I don’t remember the name of the second hotel which is quite a shame because that hotel was also good! If it comes to my mind I’ll update the post.


– Tour Eiffel // You should go to Trocadero and watch the tower from there. It will give you the perfect view. But of course, walk down to the tower and watch it from close as well. Also visit the tower in the evening then you’ll see the beautiful blinking lights. I think they turn them on every half hour. And don’t forget to buy a crepe with nutella there 😉


Tour Eiffel by night (Trocadero view)

– Sacre Coeur & Montmartre // So, yes definitely visit the church but be careful! There’s plenty of Africans there trying to sell you stuff like handmade bracelets, and if they manage to put in on you then you have to pay for it. I even had a guy hitting me on my back because of this! So, keep an eye on your purse, don’t look them in the eyes and just keep walking if they follow you. There’s usually police men there but watch it anyway. It’s not only dangerous here haha, so go to the church and then keep walking to the back of it and you’ll get to the artistic Montmartre where they are selling paintings and other handcrafts. Very nice place to stroll around in.

– Notre Dame // Another church you must visit and cross one of the bridges to get another beautiful view of it. There’s also the bridge with the locks, not sure they are still there though because I heard they might take them off now that it’s getting too heavy for the bridge. So, when you’ve crossed one of the bridges you’ll get to an area filled with restaurants and cafés. You’ll find typical french restaurants here so why not try the onion and cheese soup or maybe snails?


                                                                                       Notre Dame

– Les Marais // This is actually my favorite place. It’s the Jewish part of Paris but in some way it’s so french with the cobblestones, cafés, narrow streets and second hand shops. A must visit on my list!


 Le Marais

– Jardin du Luxembourg // Beautiful park!! I don’t know how many tourist actually got here because it’s not really in the center and I’m not sure they spend their time to visit so many parks in Paris. Most people probably visit the main attractions and then spend time on shopping. It’s a wonderful park, specially when the flowers are bloomed so I highly recommend this place. And you know what, buy a baguette and coffee and have a seat around the big fountain. Just sit there, relax and enjoy.

– Champs-Elysees                                               

 – Arc De Triomphe                                                     

– Louvre

I’m not going to write anything about those three sites because they are main attractions and I don’t have anything special to share about them.

Cafés & Restaurants:

– Midore // This is the bakery I mentioned earlier. The one we went to is located close to Saint-Lazare metro station. Best breakfast ever haha. The paninis are so good and you have to try a torsade. Oh, for drinks, definitely freshly squeezed orange juice! I went there both times I was in Paris and I would go again.


                                                                               Breakfast at Midore

(All these are located at Champs-Elysées)

– Laduree // The most beautiful interior and of course they have the best macarons in the world! They have a restaurant, café and bar inside so whatever you want you can go there. It’s pricy but just have something small to see the interior.

– Häägen-Dazs // Yummyyyyyyy!!! Who doesn’t like Häägen-Dazs, seriously? I’ve had a few different things and you’ll find something you like for sure so go there.

– Le Fouquets’ // This restaurant is a bit fancy and pricy so we only had a drink and dessert there. It’s located in the center of Champs-Elysées so not many tourists go there because of the prices. It’s worth a visit because you might spot a celebrity there 😉

– Le Deauville // The waiters at this place are dressed like sailors and it gives you a very french feeling. Really good salads if you’d like to have that for lunch. Friendly staff and you can sit outside.

            IMG_2928          IMG_3243

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