I want to start by saying I LOVE THIS WEATHER!!!! It spring now here in Australia and it’s so hooooooottt in Queensland. Awesome!!! I know it’s getting cold back home in Sweden and I don’t miss it at all! We have rain once every week or second week and that’s very much okay because it’s still hot 😛

So what have I been up to? Well I had a bad cold for a few days but I had to study anyway so I didn’t mind having to stay at home one day and besides it was pouring rain. Didn’t miss school luckily because it was Monday and I don’t have school on Mondays. Yeah well, I’ve been studying, shopping, had lunch in the sun with friends, been to bars, restaurants, same old same old =) Love this life! It’s so hmm.. free in some way. I do look forward to start working next year but I will definitely enjoy until then.

Ohhhh I almost forgot! I also planned my trips for the summer holiday. I’m going to:

singapore1 images

Indonesia -> Singapore -> Malaysia -> Cambodia -> Vietnam -> Philippines, then back home for like 2 nights -> Fiji -> Back home again for another 2 nights -> New Zealand.


I need to repack and wash so that’s why I’m going back to Brisbane in between. I haven’t booked anything yet because I’m waiting for a special parcel from Sweden before I can do that. Hopefully this week!

Tomorrow I’m going to IKEA to buy some things I need and food 😛 haha. And I hope the weather is still this good during the weekend then I’ll go to Gold Coast and explore that =) Didn’t go to Bribie Island this weekend because I had the worst cold sore ever but there are more days to come hihi.



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